Jn Pierre left SLP because of general “victimization”

Jn Pierre left SLP because of general “victimization”
Jn Pierre addressing UWP supporters in Gros Islet on Sunday.

United Workers Party (UWP) Laborie candidate Francisco Jn Pierre has revealed that his main reason for leaving the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has to do with the victimization taking place.

Jn Pierre told a UWP public meeting in Gros-Islet where he was officially endorsed, that the SLP is not the same it use to be and the leaders have lost their way.

The former longstanding member of the SLP told the gathering that the party in its current state is a disaster and it is no longer what George Charles left to Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

The UWP candidate has clarified that he was not personally victimized, but other persons within the party were.

Jn Pierre said he was warned that things will change and that is exactly what happened. He said the new leadership of the SLP is destroying the party and is trying to destroy the country too.

In an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in December, 2015 Jn Pierre said he plans to provide strong leadership to the constituency if elected Member of Parliament (MP).

He said he is focused on helping to address the unemployment issue and to revitalize the agriculture sector, particularly the banana industry that was once fruitful in that constituency.

Jn Pierre joined the UWP in August 2015. Before that he was a member of the SLP since 1987 and was active in several political campaigns, particularly those in 1992 and 1997.

He is the father of  the current Communications Director for the SLP, Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel.


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  1. Come on man! Stop this pretence. It is your right to do as you please in a democratic society once you do not infringe the laws. However, to say that you’re contesting the Laborie seat because of victimization makes dishonesty look like a “priest giving holy communion”.
    When Velon John unleashed his shameful deeds on the people of Laborie and Augier; that was the first glaring bout of victimization that we had ever seen and you were his number one acolyte and operative in the constituency. Where was you concern and love for the people being victimized then; Hypocrisy to the very extreme.
    My suspicion though is that you’re not taking too kindly to Jadia’s political success and is suffering from “Offspring Rivalry”. However, this is family and in the local parlance “family will bend but will not break”. My person story is that my father was away for most of my life but I have not turn away from him now that he is in his senior years.


  2. Cocoboy the gentleman never said he was victimized, he said that he knew of people in the party that have been victimized. I suggest you change your name to ballboy because you are full of it.


  3. Grown ass men shouting "victimization" like little women, yet claiming they are the ones best positioned to take the populace into the land of "milk & honey".

    Pure fakes parading in the UWP.

    You can't win an Election on claiming "Victimization".
    Bloody Wolves in yellow Colours.


    • yes but one has won an election claiming government victimizing and squeezing public servants, and them coming in and victimizing us more. taking our money from our pockets, not letting us speak, and even saying we should not have been given an increase, which they themselves jumped up an down to demand with us. so what you talking about. its just a games of politics


  4. jn pierre was never and has never been victimized and he knows it. he is just being plain vindictive and malicious. he needs to tell lucians the real reason why he turn turncoat, traitor...


  5. I just want to say that the gentle man never said that he was victimized by SLP he was referring to
    the people of St. Lucia at large meaning if you not an SLP you will suffer. I was at that meeting last night, please lets report the truth and not try to spine it and make people believe other wise.


  6. Well something must have been wrong for the man to leave.
    One thing they must be have some of them disgruntled SLP members, or government ministers on a tight leash. Some of them must be boiling inside and can't say a thing. Trying to play party of unity, my foot.
    Some of them must be living in a pressure cooker.


  7. Mr. Jn Pierre will articulate his plan for the people and this country, he just gave you all some of the reasons he did it and more so persons he know who supported Labour and put their neck on the line for them are the one he is speaking about, he feels the pain of the people, and yes his daughter is an adult, he still may have had to spend his monies to for her also who knows. I say in as much as I feel his daughter is an SLP stooge, I would leave her and the father out of it. I rather suspect she knows what her father is talking about. Some of you small minded people are already bought for pennies by SLP.


  8. Mr Jn pierre you said that ,the.reason you left the Labour party cause you were being victmized ,sir you never mention in what way how you were being victmized is it you holding back this part of the information nquiry mind mind want to know.You also said that the party is no longer what sir George Charles gave to kenny the same can be said of the uwp.Things change.

    NB: CocoBoy

    SNO could only report what was said. You need to find the candidate and ask him yourself. BTW it was a public meeting and not a press conference, where questions are allowed.


    • if you read the article clearly COCOBoy u will see that it clearly says that he wasnt victimized personally. smh @ u damn people


  9. It's everywhere. The evidence is there for those who have eyes to see and those who can sit down and reason. SLP never had a way or any other goal but to do things that would make it win the next election. This year's election is UWP's to lose.

    Right now, SLP has no maturing projects that will fool the people again, come election day. Without moral and ethical principles, the party is now a marauding set of rampaging and jabbering reprobates.

    The writing is on the wall. 17 to 0 for all these SLP better days,


    • I don't know when people will realize that.

      SLP had and has NOTHING to offer. All they had was an effective campaign, which allowed them to win.
      When the UWP was in power the worst economic recession hit the world. Obama struggled and could hardly turn the US economy, but Kenny like a messiah and christ attempted to ride in like a knight in shining armor promising God knows what for a win.
      Worked up the people confidence, cry and say he did not listen . LOL LOL.

      U tink is me you fooling.


  10. What more does he want? these guys expect the party to do everything for their whole family, Did,nt the party do v ery well by his daughter, cushy job and all kind of percs even medical bills paid. guess he wanted the same for himself, Get a life Francisco, I hope you not expecting anytyhing from the Flambeaus, you will have to take the line. With so many of us on that line for so long, You will just have to wait your turn. You probably stand a better chance in vieux-Fort south.



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