Jèté congratulates dance crews

Jèté congratulates dance crews
Head judges Louisa 'loulou' Paul and Olivia Sampson
R.A.D.T.P Dance Crew

Jèté is congratulating the following crews — Fundamentals, New Generation, Fusion, Cam Dancers, MJ Dancers, RADTP 86, Onyx, N Vouge, Genuine Edition, Masqueraders, New Stars, Dance Xpressions SLU, Twisted, Total HD, En DE Dance and Zero Gravity, who were selected to be part of two workshops.

All groups brought unique elements to the programme and showed promise.

The creative industries, Jèté team, and the judges were pleased with the encouraging talent of the crews which took part.

The make-up of the crews came from all over the island and ranged from ages 16 to 30.

These persons will now have the opportunity to participate in two workshops before moving on to the quarterfinals.

Head judges Louisa ‘loulou’ Paul and Olivia Sampson

As part of the Jèté programme, these crews will receive a grant of $500 of costuming and $1,000 appearance fee for the quarterfinals.

Head Judges Louisa ‘Loulou’ Paul and Olivia Sampson are expected to coordinate these workshops. Presentations will be made on dance, and master classes will be given.

During the finals, different themes will be chosen for the dance crews to present. Professional dancers will be part of these workshops to assist the dance crews with the various themes they are expected to perform.


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