Jermaine Defoe Children’s Home set to open soon

Jermaine Defoe Children’s Home set to open soon

The Jermaine Defoe Children’s Home in Vieux-Fort on which work had commenced over two years ago, will begin operation in November.

That’s according to its manager Sandra Faustin, who told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she is very much satisfied with the work done on the Home so far.

She said various positions to be filled at the Home have already been advertised in a local newspaper.

Manager Sandra Faustin

The Home, which will cater for nine children between the ages of three to 12, cost approximately $400,000. It is constructed on a portion of land at Aupicon which government donated to the Vieux-Fort Children’s Society who will manage the Home.

A sod turning ceremony in May 2015 to mark the commencement of work on the project was graced with the presence of Jermain Defoe, an international footballer of St. Lucia heritage, along with his mother, Sandra Helen.

Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy was also in attendance.

Addressing the ceremony Defoe had called on St. Lucians to support the Home, adding that it would benefit the entire island, especially residents of the south.

A substantial amount of money was donated to the Vieux-Fort Children’s Society by the Jermain Defoe Foundation towards the construction of the Home. The Jermain Defoe Foundation is a U.K.-based charity that work with government and organisations in St. Lucia to improve the lives of young people on the island.

According to Faustin, they are now awaiting funds which they are hoping to receive soon, to fully furnish the Home.
She thanked the business community of Vieux-Fort for their assistance in making the project a reality.

“The business community in Vieux-For has been very generous…They showed much support for the project,” Faustin said, adding that funds also came from the public sector.

According to her, the Home will be working very closely with the Division of Human Services which will be assisting them in identifying those children who are in need of their services.

“We are a charitable organisation and are doing our best to help the needy and underprivileged children in Vieux-Fort…” she added.


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  1. Only 9 children. I believe there r more than that that need assistance. Its a good start though. Hope u expand.


  2. Not only the building that matters but how the children are treated that really matters.treat them with love and understanding.donot do them wickedness make them feel happy and important


  3. Congratulations

    It is sad but a very large part of the children population in St Lucia specifically form Choisuel and Babounneau need to be removed from their home environment due to incest, and other sexual related crimes against them.

    The statistics are alarming. it would be interesting to carry out a survey to know how many women in St Lucia were molested as a child . out of thirty of my closet acquaintances at least 25 of us were.


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