Jeremiah Hyacinth announces departure from Saint Lucia Consulate

Jeremiah Hyacinth announces departure from Saint Lucia Consulate

(SNO) – Vice Consul Jeremiah Hyacinth announced in an email on Tuesday, July 3, that his tenure at the Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York will come to an end on July 31, 2018.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that Hyacinth’s contract was not renewed by the government.

Despite the disappointment, Hyacinth says it has been a “privilege” to serve the Consulate over the past five years.

He adds that holding this post gave him the “wonderful opportunity” to work with and strengthen ties to colleagues in the tri-state area.

“I am delighted that working in this capacity, has permitted me to assist the Saint Lucian community to the very best of my abilities.

“We are all aware of the vital role the Consulate plays among Saint Lucian nationals, both at home and in the diaspora. I am proud to have been involved in so many of the Consulate’s extraordinary initiatives on behalf of the Saint Lucian people, and it is my intention to continue a positive relationship with the Consulate, and the Saint Lucian diaspora community,” Hyacinth says.

When asked what’s next, Hyacinth told SNO that he is “not sure yet” and he is still going on interviews.

The remainder of Hyacinth’s email message: 

“I extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you with whom I have worked and collaborated on various projects and events. I deeply appreciate the exceptional support and kindness which you have extended to the Consulate during my time in office. Your assistance has been invaluable, and I am most grateful for it.

“I also extend gratitude to former United Nations Ambassador Menissa Rambally, former Consul General Julian Du Bois, current Ambassadors Cosmos Richardson and Anton Edmunds, my colleagues at the Embassy of Saint Lucia in Washington DC, the Permanent Mission of Saint Lucia to the UN and the Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York. A very special thank you must be extended to our community leaders and members of those various Saint Lucian organizations with whom I have been associated, for their unwavering support and cooperation.

“This note would be incomplete without a heartfelt expression of thanks and appreciation to my mother, Magdalene Hyacinth. Her willingness to pitch in whenever necessary was a godsend, and I have no doubt that it was her unceasing love and devotion which molded me into the man of service and dedication that I am today.

“It is with a certain sadness that I am leaving this post which I love, and which has proven to be such a fulfilling experience for me. I will no doubt miss my associates and colleagues as well as the joy of working within the Consulate on behalf fellow Saint Lucians.

“Notwithstanding the disappointment of my departure, I do not consider this a final goodbye, as my dedication transcends any appointment to a remunerated position. You may rest assured that I will never abandon the Saint Lucian diaspora community which I remain part of and I will continue dedicating my efforts toward the betterment of our nation’s people.

With my very best regards,
Vice Consul Jeremiah Hyacinth


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  1. It sounds like a this "Book of thanks" by this guy was written on his dying bed! What's the big deal! People come and go in various positions. Oh, I don't remember reading or hearing of any great achievement or benefits for SLU at large that derived from his actions or his work in NY! And, why do these people so hastily jump onto the victimisation bandwagon being driven by blind jackasses? I can only presume that such a wagon was designed to transport dung.


      • Oh yes it was. Pm didn't renew his contract. I can tell you though this man was a very hard worker and the people living in New York can attest. He has assisted many families.


        • That's the problem with our thinking...There we go again! He has assisted many families. Can you tell us how he has assisted SAINT LUCIA whereby the entire nation will benefit? Let us put Country first rather than individual interest. It is only by doing so the true meaning of patriotic St Lucian will be recognised. Civil servants are employed to serve the nation so that every community will be advanced.


          • N Rosemond, it is great pleasure I say to you. Although I am a uwp supporter. I don't think there is merit in you criticizing ones achievements. We all work hard for our personal advancement and interest. "That's human nature"....We all need to uplift one another not degrade. Don't let the lies of politics could your judgement. The different administrations come and go. We are all left we more debt then the previous administration. Look closely at your wallet and make sound decisions not at other persons achievement and try discredit it. You are suppose to be smarter than that.


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