‘Jelly’ says he stole to buy pampers for his baby

‘Jelly’ says he stole to buy pampers for his baby

Sheldon Lionel aka Jelly has been committed to stand trial for stealing after he was reportedly caught red-handed by a police officer breaking into the vehicle of one Joel Brown of Ti Rocher, Castries on July 10, 2012 at about 10:30 pm.

Court records indicate that Brown parked his vehicle alongside First Baptiste Church in Sans Souci, Castries at about 9:30 pm and proceeded to the National Cultural Centre where he attended an event.

At about 10:30 pm he responded to an announcement by the event’s emcee and proceeded to where he had parked his vehicle, a Suzuki Terrios, registration number 695.

On arrival at his vehicle, he found a police officer standing there alongside a man whom he knew to be Jelly.

It is reported that the constable was conducting his mobile patrol when he noticed a young man standing between two vehicles with a spare tire on the ground and an object in his hand.  When he noticed the police officer, he placed the item on the back seat of the car, and walked away from the area.

The officer approached him and informed him of a suspicion that he had been engaging in illegal activity.  He identified himself to the officer and stated that the car was his. The officer asked to conduct a search of the car, which he permitted.  He produced a key and the officer proceeded to search the vehicle.

A tire cover was recovered from the back seat of the car.

Lionel was further cautioned on the scene and stated, “Officer tings hard by me, I just trying to make a money to buy pampers for me baby.”

Brown identified the Terrios and tire cover as belonging to him. Lionel was then handed over to another police officer for transportation to the police station.

Lionel is currently on bail and will return to court at a date yet to be determined.


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  1. yeah and idiot in Cuba receiving badge of honor...... figure out a bloody way to create gainful employment oh i forgot u did for one , she travelling with you......


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