Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t belong with the rest of the world! (commentary)

By Nimi Princewill


Nimi Princewill

Nimi Princewill

The “Good News” as presented by our smooth-talking, modestly dressed and frequent unexpected guests, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who by the way, always tend to show up at the wrong time, isn’t as particularly exciting as it sounds.

Asides the willingness of Witnesses, who are always equipped with materials to engage you in either brief or extensive debates (depending on your energy level and willpower for the day) in defense of their claim as the only “true religion” while others are viewed as “demonically inspired” (which could piss you off a little if you have no chill), there’s a lot more to this interesting religious splinter cell.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are fondly notable for their numerous seclusion from certain conventional practices. In other words, they aren’t your regular everyday Christians!

The disregard for patriotism and the slim recognition of ‘earthly’ political authority by Jehovah’s Witnesses know no bounds!

In line with their belief system that indicts the government of this world as being under the control of Satan, which they believe will eventually be destroyed by Jehovah (God) in the very near future; voting in elections, celebrating birthdays, observing national celebrations or simply reciting the national anthem, according to them, doesn’t align with Jehovah’s will for us. Joining the army in defense of one’s country, is also highly forbidden of Witnesses!

Isn’t it slightly awkward, trying so hard to make sense of their non-negotiable stand on the issue of donating, storing or transfusion of blood, even in moments of emergency? “I’d rather die on the hospital bed accepting God’s will, than consent to an unbiblical blood transfusion” a Witness recently boasted to me.

Witnesses on the lower rung of the food chain aren’t allowed to grow a contrary opinion on their rigid doctrines. Excessive inquiry and a different biblical point of view, could put a Witness at risk of being banished or dismembered from the group, which is also accompanied by a restrictive order to members to discontinue further interaction with the ‘demon possessed’ expelled victim, even if they were family!

Aren’t the Jehovah’s Witnesses extremists of some sort?

I guess, this is the point where the pulse of any Jehovah’s Witness reading this, would be vibrating with the urge to hurriedly put me in the ‘right perspective’ with their famous portion of the Bible which remind Christians not to conform to, or take part in the things of this world.

Witnesses have no legitimate recognition of ‘wordly authority’, yet they persuasively seek to appeal the ban imposed on them by the Russian government, at the wordly court which is supposedly controlled by Satan, and presided over by a wordly judge who’s a wordly non-Witness! Funny how things work out.

While I do not subscribe to vindictive policies levied against Jehovah’s Witnesses anywhere in the world, I think it’s almost certain that although they dwell among us, Witnesses don’t belong with us in this current existing world (whether as citizens or co-Christians), and no one can really blame the shrewd Russian government for having a temper towards them.

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Bio: Nimi Princewill is a Nigerian creative writer, poet and social reformer. He’s very passionate about the social reformation and political development of Africa. He’s most notable for his unconventional opinions on issues that cut across religion, sports, social lifestyle and politics.

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  1. Johnny Fartypants

    Looking at all these replies I can understand why St Lucia, other Caribbean islands and the good ol'
    US of A are going nowhere very fast.
    You are all preoccupied with imaginary Sky-daddy and his "son". Get a life, start enjoying it, work hard, there ain't no invisible man, garden fairies, flying monsters etc, etc.

  2. It's going to be a sad day when the end comes and all who's not on Jehovah's side will face the end. Learn about Jehovah while theirs still time.

    • Johnny Fartypants

      Fartypants says: please don't disfellowship me for saying this, but you are just another bunch of ???? created by Americans who are world renowned for inventing crazy religious sh*t.

    • Do you ever pay attention to the things that you say and think: "Hm. Telling other people they're going to die painfully because they don't hold my same point of view seems like something maybe SATAN would say... not an all-knowing, loving God". Grow a brain.

  3. If your mom need blood you will say mom no die because my faith said so ?

  4. Look him up on the internet. He's a Muslim.

    Muslims are not known for their inclusiveness, but rather a religion of domination at the expense of all others that do not profess their values.

    He's hate-mongering and trying to create social unrest, plain and simple.

  5. So because the persons doesnt want a blood transfusion it is a cult.. let free will rain is the person doesnt want to do it based on beliefs let them be

  6. Jehovah witness is one of the many mutated versions of Christianity that have made their own bible to teach their specific beliefs and has a freemason founder who made false predictions of Christs return.They are not normal Christians as they do not believe Christ is God in the flesh. As John 1:1 says..
    This is how SATAN works ... watch this series >>>

  7. Vinny here, under this name, posts his rant on every sight he can. All cut & post. Jehovah's Witnesses obey Jesus as our true Leader in the worship of Jehovah God. Just as Jesus did. John 15:19; 18:36 Jesus sets out the command his true followers must be "no part of the world", just as he was. no part. He reasoned with them his Kingdom also is not part of this wicked world. It is in heaven, operating now. Soon to come to earth at the proper time. On Earth, they wanted to make him King twice! He left town to avoid them. He paid taxes, obeyed earthly laws__as long as they did not conflict with God's higher laws. He was loyal only to one government. The only one that can solve all earth's problems. Rather than sweep them under rugs.

    Today, we simply follow Christ's example closely. That is the definition of a True Christian. Why are you not doing so? All spiritual information is now a dry hole in this world. So when we go to house to house, we are asked thousands of questions that people want answers to. The clergies though, just dream up answers or quote some current novel or book. We turn to the Bible to show them God's answers. The clergies can't do that, due to having no knowledge. Let alone be remotely accurate. The commission Jesus ordered at Matthew 28:19-20, includes in 20 orders to teach the people all the things Jesus taught them. The best way to do so is one - on - one. In the 1st century, at Acts 20;20, they were ordered to teach by going where the people were. Including house to house. The QUESTION: WHY aren't YOU DOING SO TOO? No clergies were ever taught the Bible accurately first and what to say second. Mostly the few who tried looked at their shoes the entire time. They were not polished. No respect representing his God. The main issue is we supply Bible Truths to a thirsty people, where the clergies don't. Like 1st century Christians, never held government or military position's on becoming a true Christian. What little voting was allowed, Christians abstained. As Jesus said in John, "If my kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought for me. My kingdom is NOT from this source".

    • tarkon - "Jesus sets out the command his true followers must be "no part of the world", just as he was. no part. He reasoned with them his Kingdom also is not part of this wicked world.”
      “Jesus said in John, "If my kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought for me. My kingdom is NOT from this source".

      Then why has the Watchtower built a kingdom in Satan’s world, an organization that one must show loyalty to, when Jesus said that true worship is not found on any “mountain”, but that we worship in the spirit and the truth? John 4:21-24; Isa 40:25; Rom 6:16; Rev 13:15,4

      “The clergies though, just dream up answers or quote some current novel or book. We turn to the Bible to show them God's answers. “

      How many “dreams” did the early leaders of the Watchtower fabricate for the end of the world – “delusions of their own mind” that must be revamped on a regular basis by today’s leaders? (this generation) Jer 14:14; 23:25-27; Rev 16:13,17

      “The commission Jesus ordered at Matthew 28:19-20, includes in 20 orders to teach the people all the things Jesus taught them.”

      Please, check the baptism questions and then compare to Matt 28:19-20. To whom are JWs to identify with, God and Christ, or an organization? Is this how Jesus taught?

      “In the 1st century, at Acts 20;20, they were ordered to teach by going where the people were. Including house to house. “

      Read Acts 20:17-19, you will notice that Paul knew these people. Did you also know that Paul preached in the synagogues? Acts 9:20 Do JWs? The early Christian congregations were located in houses. This is where Paul preached. Jesus specifically stated NOT to go “house to house”. Luke 10:7

      Obviously, JWs don’t simply follow Christ’s example closely. He declared the sins of his people, and admonished them to repent. He taught no one should judge another, yet the WT does through disfellowshipping. Matt 7:1,2 He taught his disciples not to “exercise lordship” over others, yet the elder body has efficiently accomplished this with the threat of disfellowshipping if obedience is not given. Luke 22:24-27 And their “benefactors” who exercise authority over the elder body, - the GB - has declared themselves as “the greatest”.

      “He was loyal only to one government.”

      JWs are attempting to be loyal to two. An earthly organization and God at the same time. This is idolatry. Matt 6:24; Rom 1:25 In Revelation, Jesus again declares the sins of his people. Rev 18:4-8; 14:7

      I pray you wake up.

    • I find it a bit embarrassing for you to display such blatant ignorance by saying "The clergies though, just dream up answers or quote some current novel or book. We turn to the Bible to show them God's answers. The clergies can't do that, due to having no knowledge".
      This is highly inaccurate. And you should research the history of Jehovah's Witness before you continue to make a fool of yourself and make embarrassing statements like what you just said here.

      So you are here telling us that only the 7 American men (aka the Governing Body) throughout the history of the Jehovah's Witnesses are the only one Jehovah speaks to and can provide accurate interpretation of the Bible?

      In all the loving God that Jehovah is and it is his desire to save all mankind, he only saw it fit to speak to 7 American men (out of billions) to dish out information to the congregants who in turn will go house to house to preach his truth?
      Of all the people on earth don't you think Jehovah could be a little bit more efficient and speak to other people who are not JWs so that there is more reach, and more people could possibly be saved?

      Now since it is only Jehovah's Witnesses who apparently can interpret the bible , and not dream up answers, and JWs Governing Body is the only source Jehovah speaks to can you provide me answers to the following:

      (1) Who proposed the days the world would end and can you please provide us with the dates? Why do you'll no longer give an end date? (Remember Jehovah has been giving only Jehovah's Witnesses the answers)

      (2) Can you tell us what was white Jehovah's Witness view of black people before the 1960s?
      Let me give you a little info. Black Jehovah's Witnesses/ African brothers were considered degraded " and Jehovah in his due time would change the Ethiopian skin". Yes that was Governing Body/Watch Tower/Jehovah's Witness stance in the 1950s.
      But you'll no longer have that view and attempt to show all races living in harmony. So that leads me to the next question.

      (3) Did Jehovah get it wrong, Did Jehovah tell the Governing Body that the Blacks were less than the whites and did he have a change of heart when he saw the works of Martin Luther King in the 1960s?

      (4) Can you tell us about the house that was bought in San Francisco, purposely furnished with all the fruit trees allegedly mentioned in the Bible because you'll were convinced David and the men from ancient times would be resurrected and of all places Jehovah would resurrect them in the USA, San Francisco specifically. When that did not happen the house was sold. Why was that? What went wrong?

      (5) Why have you'll stance on disfellowshipping been changed throughout the history of Jehovah's Witnesses and dependent on who was you'll president at the time?

      AND PLEASE do not mention this nonsense about the light is getting brighter and you'll imperfect. Because the way you'll refer to yourselves as the only true religion and only God speaks to you, then you should get it right the first time.

      Because don't you think you are insulting and in effect saying Jehovah does not know what he is about because he is giving inaccurate info. Isn't it worrying that if he is using you guys to preach his word and he wants to save as many people as he can, that he would give accurate information to his mouth piece (Governing Body) all the time?

      Awaiting you response.

  8. Kcuf alla dem..a man is just a man.

  9. To all Jehovah Witness is a cult please read the following link below to understand why.

  10. So you think Jehovah's Witnesses don't belong with the rest of the world because they're different. The same could be said about the Amish, Orthodox Jews, hippies, or just about anyone else perceived as out the ordinary, whatever that ordinary happens to be. This hardly justifies heavy handed government repression.

    I'm the only one to sense a bit of irony in Nimi Princewill's commentary? He's a Nigerian excusing the repression of religious differences which is what Boko Haram has been doing.

  11. JW are the most hypocrite and hard hearted people I've ever come across. If you're trying to raise funds for someone who is sick, if he is not a JW you will not get help from them. Sorry we help our members only, that's what one said to me.

  12. Mr. Nimi Princewill, I think you are a disgrace to the editor and to the media circle at large. If you have anything of good media fibre or persuasion or substance in you, you ought to know better than to broadcast these blanket statements about a group, sect or race of people. You ought to be more level-headed than allowing yourself to fall on the wrong end of a paranoid, hateful and openly prejudice statement as this. If you cannot make constructively critical statements about people, just stand aside and allow more respectable, more dignified, more educated people do so. Shame on you.

    • Plz tell us what part of Prince wills statements are not true. Give us the facts.
      Also why God the father, Son and Holy Spirit are not the same.
      Let your responses run in line with the word of God. Much more to ask but I start with a little request.

      • Do not worry about your "Word-of-God nonsense. Just think about mutual/formal respect, exemplariness & dignity.

    • I suggest you do research on Jehovah's Witnesses, their history, the break up of families, the cover up of sexual allegations and pedophiles, mental illness and you will understand what this guy wrote there is just baby's food. He was very lenient actually.

      • You are joking, Anon. That writer could have easily said the same for an ethnic group or groups of people. He showed that he has no respect to listeners nor dignity in himself. It is unbelievable that he was given a media slot.

  13. Article written by a creative writer.

    Hats off to your creative writing

    Leave the facts to those who know better eh?


  14. Currently active or ongoing investigations into child sexual abuse within the Watchtower religion called Jehovah's Witnesses on a State and/or Federal level. See below:

    1. Australian Royal Commission,-july-2015,-sydney.aspx
    2. United Kingdom Charity Tribunal and High Court
    3. Delaware Department of Justice
    4. San Diego, California , ,

  15. This article is rubbish. Please learn how to write like a respectable journalist.

  16. There's a girl who lives down Corinth at her parents house is famous for that. Yet still she claims that she is a Jehovah witness member.

  17. Some of those young ppl that are Jehovah witnesses just pretending, they full of tricks. Tell them to find their own man, and stop trying to in between other ppl families.

  18. Who's Blood will save me?

    I have a question, what was the issue in the garden of Eden? Wasn't it an issue of obedience? Satan was successful in deceiving Eve into seeing an advantage in eating something Jehovah clearly forbade.
    Through his word the Bible, our creator clearly forbids the ingestion of blood, human or otherwise. Here too is a Garden of Eden situation, it's an opportunity to express your love for God. Jesus was willing to shed the only blood that can save us.
    May we build faith in the life saving power of Jesus shed blood.

    • Johnny Fartypants

      Fartypants says: you talking out of your rectum

    • What are you nattering on about??!!!???

    • Roy A Lathrop Sr

      Leviticus 3:17 It is a permanent statute for your generations wherever you may be, that you shall not eat any fat or any blood.’”

      Why do JWs refuse blood but have no problem with fat? It is clear in the above scripture that the ban is on both FAT and BLOOD.

      • Who's Blood will save me?

        So you agree.

      • Who's Blood will save me?

        Interestingly, in giving direction to Christians not Jews alone, God's word at Acts 15:28,29 says "28 For the holy spirit and we ourselves have favored adding no further burden to you except these necessary things: 29 to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols, from blood, from what is strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you carefully keep yourselves from these things, you will prosper." You notice no mention is made here of Fat, but the forbidding of blood is repeated.

    • When I add up all of the facts here:

      That blood transfusions are not the same as eating blood.

      That Jesus himself clearly emphasized the value and importance of "MERCY" and "LIFE" over the unnecessary "Sacrifice of Life" at Matthew 12:1-14.

      That the scriptures themselves are always referring to the "eating or drinking" of ANIMAL blood that is forbidden (NOT transfusions).

      How Paul shows at 1 Corinthians. 8:4-8 that the Acts 15:29 command is not all encompassing command but had a particular purpose.

      That Saul's men were not killed after eating blood (1 Sam. 14:31-35).

      How the strictest of Jews today, demanding Kosher, DO ALLOW blood transfusions. They realize blood transfusions (given from a LIVING donor) are not the same as eating blood.

      That no other religion on earth forbids blood transfusions based on what the bible actually says.

      That Jesus clearly demonstrated how life (even that of an ANIMAL) was more important than a narrow, strict interpretation of the law, with the "animal that fell into a pit on the Sabbath" illustration he used, and the "Woman with a flow of blood" real-life examples.

      How the one donating blood is a LIVE donor and offering this blood to another person that is also ALIVE and in need (no dead animals involved).

      That the Watchtower was WRONG before about forbidding vaccinations and organ transplants and then reversed these decisions. Many JWs nonetheless died from such stands.

      And, the WT has now changed its position once again, instead of saying no to all blood, to now say "fractions" of blood are acceptable, even though the particular fractions approved and disapproved seem to have no particular rhyme or reason and they are still not allowed to donate blood nor store their own. Though they can use Hemopure (cow's blood).

      And then all THIS:

      It seems fairly easy for most people to come to the conclusion that they cannot support the WT position on blood transfusions.

      JWs will allow their own family members (including children) TO DIE rather than accept a life saving blood transfusion even in severe medical emergencies. It has already happened THOUSANDS of times!

      Just like this mother died unnecessarily!

      Now her husband has NO wife and twins have NO mother. And all for what?

      Or this teenager that also DIED:

      This pregnant Jehovah's Witness and her baby died last Fall after she refused a blood transfusion.

      These parents refused blood for their young seven year old son in Australia.

      Another woman that died (and doctors not found liable).

      And so many more, sad to say. Read for yourself folks!

      This is very simple. JW's NEEDLESSLY die for this sorry blood policy today.

      From the same organization that has an entire 100 + year history of similar bad and embarrasing policies including forbidding organ transplants and vaccinations for 33 years before 'changing their minds'.

      Take a LOOK:


      Pages and pages of mistakes, embarrassments, false predictions, medical disasters, weird science, doctrinal failures and more for over 100 years now!

      These among others are reasons why Russia has considered banning the JW religion as extremist.

      So for anybody that is seriously considering becoming a JW I would strongly suggest that you examine, examine and EXAMINE this religion thoroughly.


    • Human blood???

    • What about your own blood. You have blood too. Can't you use it to help in your own salvation? Why are you so openly sucking & relying on others' blood to rescue you?

  19. My neighbor is a JW, she is dying with colon cancer and refused to take treatment. She told me let Jehovah's will be done. Those ppl are cult.

    • A beautiful way to get her out of the cult is to broadcast her medical problems in the media, which is to all intents and purposes, private & confidential. Bravo! Good neighbour!!

  20. Luke 21:9-19 Furthermore, when you hear of wars and disturbances, do not be terrified. For these things must take place first, but the end will not occur immediately.” 10 Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. 11 There will be great earthquakes, and in one place after another food shortages and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and from heaven great signs. 12 “But before all these things happen, people will lay their hands on you and persecute you, handing you over to the synagogues and prisons. You will be brought before kings and governors for the sake of my name. 13 It will result in your giving a witness. 14 Therefore, resolve in your hearts not to rehearse beforehand how to make your defense, 15 for I will give you words and wisdom that all your opposers together will not be able to resist or dispute. 16 Moreover, you will be handed over even by parents and brothers and relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death, 17 and you will be hated by all people because of my name. 18 But not even a hair of your heads will perish. 19 By your endurance you will preserve your lives.

  21. Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) predicted the end of the world, IN WRITING, numerous times. Not once did they come true. They truly are known for their 'False Predictions' the world over.

    JWs are taught that they alone are TRUE Christians and that all other people not JW will soon be destroyed. This is no exaggeration.

    JWs will allow their own children TO DIE rather than accept a life saving blood transfusion even in severe medical emergencies. It has already happened THOUSANDS of times!

    Just like this mother died unnecessarily!

    Now her husband has NO wife and twins have NO mother. And all for what?

    Or this teenager that also DIED:

    This pregnant JW and her baby died.

    JW's NEEDLESSLY die for this sorry blood policy today.

    From the same organization that has an entire 100 + year history of similar bad and embarrasing policies.

    As a 15 year active JW (and an elder) here is my own story:

    JWs used to forbid Vaccinations and Organ Transplants (calling a life saving transplant "Cannibalism") for a combined 33 years.

    This JW elder refused a kidney transplant and DIED only to have JWs say transplants are now OK 2 years later.

    JWs enforce extreme shunning for any JW that decides to leave their religion or who commits a sin without showing enough repentance in front of the elders.

    I have literally seen parents cut off all ties with their children solely because the kid did not want to remain a JW but went in another direction.

    Even the ex-JWs who leave the religion on their own, who are 100 percent truthful, sincere, love God, pay taxes, help others and more are still SHUNNED by all current JWs and marked as godless, proud, sinning apostates. The Awake magazine recently called them "mentally diseased".

    And MANY contemplate suicide because the penalties of losing everything are simply TOO MUCH TO TAKE.

    But an honest question is: Why do so many JWs leave after being one time followers?

    As I eventually found out, the JW religion did say, IN WRITING, that the end would come in 1914 and then again in 1925. Was Jehovah directing all that? 1914 and 1925 came and went! They were proven false predictions. Period.

    They also said the end very likely would happen in 1975 and even commended (in the watchtower) witnesses for selling their houses and pioneering because of it.

    But 1975 came and went!

    They also said (for many decades) that the end would come before the generation born in 1914 passed away. In fact up until 1995 it was written inside each Awake magazine cover. Only they then had to change that meaning as well (including the Awake masthead) because that generation CAME AND WENT TOO.

    I was an active JW (and elder) for 15 years before leaving because of the blood and fractions policy 10 yrs ago. Today I'm shunned by all JWs simply because I left the religion.

    Most JWs simply accept everything the Watchtower teaches and says as "food from God". Just like I did.

    Most believe God has chosen the Watchtower Society as his "channel", which provides food from God Himself to their religion and ONLY their religion.

    But an honest look at the facts of the JW religion shows God has not chosen the WT for anything!

    Take a LOOK:


    Pages and pages of mistakes, embarrassments, false predictions, medical disasters, weird science, doctrinal failures and more for over 100 years now!

    Obviously 'GOD' would not get things wrong like this. Obviously 'GOD' did not provide bad food like that for their entire history.

    But most JWs have no idea about these things. They're told to stay away from anything critical of their religion.

    For example: Was God's spirit with JWs when they said Organ Transplants were a "conscience matter" in 1961?


    Was God"s spirit with WT when they THEN SAID Organ Transplants are same as "Cannibalism" in 1967 and forbid them?

    OR, was God's spirit with the WT when they THEN SAID Organ Transplants are NOT the same as cannibalism in 1980 and now allow them?

    Was God behind all those changes each time? Did ((GOD)) get all those things wrong each time? How many JWs like that elder above DIED by refusing kidney transplants, only later on to be told they're OK to have now?

    Which is why some end up taking their lives due to losing their family or feel compelled to speak out about it, like me right here and now.

    And now because I walked away JWs are demanded to shun you for life (including your very own family).

    Examine this religion and ask as many questions as you can!


    • So vinny I would like to ask just one question . If I leave my faith as a Jehovah's Witness , what can you offer me ?
      Seriously though what can you offer me that's better than what I have ? A belief in a god that burns people in eternal damnation ? Or a belief in evolution ? You see you are so passionate about trying to pull me away from my faith , yet what are you offering me in return ?

      • AJ! Not having you, your spouse, children or grand children DIE because of the sorry blood and fraction JW policy all by itself is better than what you have now.

        Not following a religion that flip-flops, makes mistake after mistake, false end of the world predictions for their entire 100+ year existence along with all of THIS: would also be a HUGE improvement over what you're doing today by being OWNED by the JW religion.

        I believe in a God that transcends all of the religions on the earth today, most of which, just like JWs, think they alone have a monopoly on Him.

        No JW bible study is told of all the past medical mistakes that cost thousands of lives, nor that the JWs mis-predicted the end of the world a dozen times, nor that thousands of brothers went to prison for refusing alternative service for 50 years before being made "conscience" matters like now.

        They are also never told that if you choose to leave the organization you will be shunned for the rest of your life unless you come back in full agreement with all current teachings.

        Nor are they ever told they cannot disagree with any current teachings. Bible studies will never know these things. I have personally found this out the hard way.

        Which is why I, and many folks like me, take some time to let people just like you know about these numerous issues that you would never have heard about through the JW study and meeting programs.

        And THAT is a noble thing to do.

        THAT is a good thing IMO.

        Critical information towards anything is not apostate or bashing by nature. But if what it has uncovered puts a negative light on what has been examined, then at least one should consider the facts even if uncomfortable. And this is what most JWs avoid at all costs. They do not want to hear about anything critical of their faith, even if true and accurate.

        This is an unhealthy thing!

        If I were to buy a used car and only took the salesman's opinion of that car, would you consider such a position as this as reasonable and smart? Definitely not.

        It would be prudent to take the car to an unbiased, neutral party; usually a good mechanic can give you better advice than what the sales guy is telling you. And if somebody that actually owned that car offered you specific opinions, that too would be worth considering.

        But you see former JW members are all just conveniently lumped together and labeled as "apostate, bitter, hateful, deceitful" and more.

        JWs want to HIDE the facts about their religion. And I understand why.

        Hope this helps answer your question.


      • Vitals u know concerned citizen and neighbor?
        Y would anyone but your cult know.

      • But you believe in a religion who purposely hid pedophiles from the authorities all because they want to save face an not bring reproach on Jehovah's name?

        Isn't it true that all the sexual abuse cases are reported to the WatchTower and Tract Society/ Governing body and not forwarded to the authorities?
        Isn't it true that you guys had to pay millions in settlement to the victims?
        Can you tell us how you'll use the 2 witness rule when dealing with a sexual assault matter , that 2 persons must see the sexual abuse taking place otherwise it is up to the perpetrator/ pedophile to confess.
        Isn't it true that the victim some of them children have to relay all the graphic details in front of 3 men (elders) and the abuser and they have no other support in the room.

        Now tell me if Jehovah only speaks to the Governing Body, or if you'll continue to portray yourselves as the only true religion, do you rightly think this is Christian like behavior?

        I suggest you take a look at all the videos of the court proceedings in Australia before you respond.
        And do not come and say this is on apostate websites, BECAUSE CNN, Reutuers, ABC, BBC are not owned by apostates.

        Clean your own house first BEFORE you go after the Catholic priests that so love to talk about.

      • Are you saying that there will be no damnation? Or that the warning of it is a lie? Where are you going with this comment?

    • Sorry to hear that Vinny. As a Jehovah's Witness I can only say sorry to hear about your hurt feelings. The Bible does say at James 4:8 Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you indecisive ones. As a JW I see the seriousness of that passage and would not do a thing to defile myself by something God has asked of us not to participate in. Am I perfect, no I am a sinner, but only in the flesh so I have faith I would not take something that is a direct commandment to abstain from and so far I haven't. It is a decisive matter of loyalty to God and I guess if Jesus had your opinion he would have lived past the age of 33. The covenant to Noah at Genesis 9:4 stats no blood, the covenant to Moses or mosaic law at Leviticus 17:10-15 and Deuteronomy 12:23 stats no blood and under the New Testament clearly stats God's view hasn't changed at Act 15:20,29. I understand your concern with the loss of life but Paul helped true Christian that the temple was our body and not the building the physical man sees. The Spiritual man knows the temple his body in which we have holy spirit 1 Corinthians 6:19,20. And therefore we except or lot in life with the same view found at Romans 14:8. This point of God being a God of living was first raised by Jesus himself at Luke 20:38 but of course being just physically concerned the Sadducees could not see his point. Paul explained the difference of the physical man and a spiritual man to the Corinth congregation at 1 Corinthians 2:10-16.

      Are the Governing body inspired are they infallible?? No they aren't! Proverbs 4:18 would be false if they were. We know the light keeps getting brighter and brighter in terms of knowledge. We also know Jesus said at Matthew 24:36 nobody knows the day or hour of the end of this system. So the 1914 prophecy found in Daniel was the cleansing of the heavens which is depicted at Revelation 12:12. Satan and his demons have lost there heavenly realm to dwell and the final battle will be on earth. This is in perfect context to the lords pray

      • Also as an organization we are willing to admit our mistakes and take action to correct our behavior. The proof is in actionsome and the humility to admit when we are wrong and correct our actions.

      • Where exactly in the Proverb 4:18 does it say that JWs will say falsehoods and then have those falsehoods replaced with lesser falsehoods until it eventually becomes the truth? The context of Proverbs 4 is basically a behavioral comparison between good and evil people. It says absolutely NOTHING about falsehoods getting clarified over time. To use Proverbs 4:18 as an excuse for 7 "infallible" clowns in New York make so-called "mistakes" is a laughable.

        Also, since you mention 1914, let me ask this... Why do your leaders NOT mention John Aquila Brown or his ridiculous book "The Even Tide" written in 1823? What are they trying to hide from you?

    • Jehovah's witnesses never said when thw world will end, in fact the end of wickedness that will come to an end. The preaching is mainly from the bible no one .knows the day or the hour that's what they preach
      Stop painting a bad picture of them. They are peaceful people. They need more ppl like them in the world especially stlucia too much crime

      • SMH SMH SMH.

        They never said when the world would end? They stop giving dates AFTER they realized they were wrong on all the dates they provided.

        Don't comment unless you know the facts.


  22. So you mean to tell me when the late disease brother Bob Nestor Marley refuse to gave his toe amputated its because he was not normal.So i to have signed my medical will stating against any form of blood transfusion medications or resuscitation then i to have something wrong with me.Let me pip this to you who ever.As i came into this world so shall i leave clean.How many blood transfusions have given in this world by MDs and they are still alive,so whats the point.And what bible you reading.I dont want no body blood Nimi Princewill an African Author.Am very skeptical of anything coming from Africa,a country which does more Voodo,Witchcraft to believe in Religion of any kind.Try Lagos Nigeria the country with the most churches but the most witchcraft and Science.leave religion alone its not for everyone Africa have proven it for many years,leave the Jehoviah Witness alone they not practicing Voodoo or Witch Craft.

    • Vinny can't direct you, it's the Holy Spirit of the true and living God that can direct you. Religion will never save you.
      You may disagree with what your neighbor foes but God commands us to love them all the same.
      Sad to say there are JW who practice witchcraft.

  23. As the Admin of the world's largest JW forum I feel it necessary to push back a little. EVERYONE deserves a place in this world. Just as much as any Catholic, Protestant or Buddhist.

    Co-existence is the key. IMHO.


    • Roy A Lathrop Sr

      I assume that, " As the Admin of the world's largest JW forum", your forum is closed to everyone who is not an active Jehovah's witness? And if so, why are you closed to all debate on your own site but, take advantage of all other sites to post JW propaganda?

  24. The author raise very important and thought provoking points. While I don't want to appear to bash Jehovah Witnesses its true with many points he stated. The argument can be said that you shouldn't participate in worldly things. But matters of life and death and medical manners like blood transfusions is another story. Lastly even the Bible said that render to Ceaser what is due. So in other words you should follow the laws of the land and pay your taxes.

    • I totally agree with you sir as well love your neighbor as yourself... So why can't i save a life with my blood... Ofcos i can....


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