Jehovah’s Witnesses annual regional convention begins this weekend in Bexon

Jehovah’s Witnesses annual regional convention begins this weekend in Bexon

Jehovah’s Witnesses are preparing for their annual regional convention and are inviting everyone to come celebrate with them the 100th anniversary of a special government.

Two conventions, each featuring identical programmes, will be held: the first from July 4-6 and the second on the following weekend, from July 11-13.

The venue will be the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Bexon and the programme will be held under the theme “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom” based on Matthew 6:33.

“The entire programme is going to be instructive, informative and practical, helping us to appreciate how in this modern world we can actually be obedient to Christ’s command to seek the kingdom first above all else,” Convention Chairman Eric Louis said.

Louis disclosed that admission to the two regional conventions is free and no collections will be taken.

According to him, the programme will benefit everyone who attends, and can help them improve the quality of their lives.

“There will be three dramas, two of them action dramas, 51 talks, demonstrations and interviews, plus a lot of instruction for families – including children, helping everyone to appreciate how we can actually seek the Kingdom first in our lives,” Louis remarked.

He also said that at the convention, Jehovah Witnesses will provide proof from the scriptures that the kingdom of God has been ruling from heaven for 100 years.

“It’s a fitting way to celebrate the 100th anniversary,” Louis said of the upcoming conventions.

Jehovah’s Witnesses number nearly eight million worldwide, and are renowned globally for their trademark house-to-house preaching activity.

They teach from the bible that God’s kingdom is the only hope for a human race in crisis, and that very soon God will intervene in a dramatic way in the earth’s affairs to bring about positive and everlasting changes.


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