Jeannine Compton-Antoine to contest next general elections

Jeannine Compton-Antoine to contest next general elections
Jeannine Compton-Antoine chairing a recent International Whaling Commission meeting. She is the first female to chair the organisation.
Jeannine Compton-Antoine chairing a recent International Whaling Commission meeting. She is the first female to chair the organisation.
Jeannine Compton-Antoine chairing a recent International Whaling Commission meeting. She is the first female to chair the organisation.

Jeannine Compton-Antoine has announced her plans to contest the next general elections in the Micoud North Constituency as an independent candidate.

Compton-Antoine made the announcement on Thursday evening while appearing on the Mr. Chairman Programme on Calabash Television with David Samuels.

The former Micoud North MP told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today (Nov.20) that the decision was made based on the request of several of her supporters in the constituency.

“People had approached me and I had consultations with my supporters and they agreed that I should go again. So I made the decision to go forth,” she explained.

Asked whether she is confident about winning the seat at the next elections, Compton-Antoine said she is “always confident” and have the full support of a large number of people in Micoud North.

Questioned on whether she feels that Micoud North is being properly represented, she said she prefers not to comment on the current representation.

However she said that everyone has their style of representation and she has her own style which is “people centric”, explaining that an MP is elected to serve the people.

“I think that’s what politicians now are not seeing. They’ve lost that way and they need to go back to serving the people and not the people serving them,” she asserted.

Nevertheless, Compton-Antoine said everyone that puts their hat in to represent and to go up for elections needs to be commended, because it takes a lot of sacrifice.

She told SNO, “Sometimes you don’t have the resources to do what you need to do, but it’s up to the people to decide about the representation.”

The former MP reiterated that the focus should always be on the people because “you are there to represent them, so for any constituency, it is the people who will decide who they want to represent them.”

“So for the upcoming elections the people will decide whether they want my style of representation or the current representative’s representation,” she added.

Asked if she plans to rejoin the UWP, Compton-Antoine said, “not in the current format.”

Compton-Antoine represented the Micoud North constituency in the House of Assembly from 2007 to 2011. She won the seat for the UWP in a 2007 by-election.

She resigned from the UWP in 2011 and continued to serve as an independent MP.

She lost the seat in the 2011 general election to Dr. Gale Rigobert who secured 42.23 percent of the votes, while she got 33.88 percent.

Compton-Antoine is the daughter of Sir John Compton, former Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

The 2011 elections results for the Micoud North seat.
The 2011 elections results for the Micoud North seat.

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  1. The investigation into the use of funds by the Micoud North Constituency started at a fierce gallop. However, when they realized that it was taking them, not where they wanted to go, but in another direction, it degenerated into a mere observation, and ended like a limping horse which had lost its shoes during the gallop!

    Tip for next inquiry: Find the transgression first and then identify who is responsible. Do not set out by trying to find out what a particular person did. If you do, you are likely to see a cat when it is in fact a rabbit!


  2. In Jamaica, there is a bird which feeds on dead carcasses. Locally, the people call it John Crow, or just J.C.


  3. Did you mention the Martinique trip and how much it cost in your account to parliament?

    What role did your husband play in the 'twinning?"


  4. As long as we keep on electing all these crappy candidates that these jackass country bookie constituency branches keep electing as their idea of representatives, and the country not electing independent candidates of worth, we are, as a nation, doomed. We can see the results right now. The country is in deep doo-doo financially, and socially with debt and murderous mayhem, because we keep on voting for those who represent jackass politcs.

    We have to break from Massa Day politics, by giving only good candidates a chance to form the next government. We must start now. If not, we must brace ourselves to return and lap up our own vomit, like having those 'guys' and that US ex-convict as ministers. No joke. Just the thought of that happening again makes me sick. Already, I feel as though I am going l to puke.


    • Saint Lucia's growth has been held back and is now in the doldrums mainly because it is being held hostage by the hand-me-down irrelevant two-party and first-past-the-post system. We ensure the "God-sent Messiah" his leader title by voting for his goons. Real goons and known goons make the cut, like our renowned borbolists, ex-convicts and law court liars.

      Voting independents with a proportional representation system ensures that the best of "their best" will make it to the government and independents get to make a sterling contribution.

      Such enlightenment is not about to reach us any time soon. Why? As so eloquently said by one Pierre and one Ribobert, party members regarding constitutional change, have no interest in anything that even smacks of "committing political suicide". Their re-election comes first and foremost; Saint Lucia's future is not yet even on their radar screens. Why?

      Check them out. Neither one has a plan. Neither one has a vision. The independent voter and the young keep getting fooled, over and over, by electioneering projects timed, designed, and engaged in, mainly to win the next forthcoming elections. Did somebody mention "better days"?


  5. Wishing you all the best. One of the few politicians who saw the need to account for the monies entrusted to her. I can see why you wouldn't want to represent either the UWP or the SLP; don't blame you.


  6. Janine Compton is the most honeat politician ive known i could remember vividly she said in the house of "let stop fighting against it other and let's work together for the welfare of our country,taiwan use to give millions, hw many District Representatives were able to account for their share of the Taiwanese monies,none but janine accounted fir every penny and ahe ahowed it on her power point presentation i think you could make a great change lets raliegh behind the daughter of a legend who took us from lamps and candles and gave us light to see from colonial days to statehood he brought independence for we


  7. Your 'report' to parliament had more significant omissions than facts.

    "My father say, my father say", but you never supported your father's party. Sir John would NEVER unleash you on us in Micoud North because he knew even more than what we know!

    Continue to do what you do best, fool the people, and satisfy your ABC clique!


  8. The majority of Looshans are still operating with the plantation mindset. You still waiting for yet another daddy to take care of you like in our slave past. So rally behind that Messiah.
    Anyone with an independent mind is dead. In fact, you would like to push them out to sea, over a cliff even. So, the developmental stasis persists. You must join either of the main parties. Then fight for the tittle of leader. Whoever becomes the leader dictates, either no direction, some direction and our current 'better days'.

    This is a population with grown, grown-up, and dragged-up little children. The Good Book says that 'Foolishness is in the heart of a child.' Look around you what do you see?

    Imported corruption and tribalism is called 'economic citizenship'. What's the next set of foolishness is in the SLP pipeline?


  9. We are faced with a battle between 'Tweedle dee (Anthony) and Tweedle dum (Chastanet) costing St. Lucia hundreds of millions of Dollars between Grynsburg, Black Bay, Cost Over runs, and gross mismanagement and an inability to create jobs.
    Both are incompetent but WE St. Lucians are to blame. We see as they cluelessly run the country or Ministries or Opposition Parties but we are taken in by their colour and quick words.
    If we were to chose politicians based on ability or actions or production in government, neither of them would be in politics.

    Worst than the money these two (and their party hacks raping the country) divide us as a people, they destroy our quality of life and make us spiritually poorer and less productive and less attractive for investment.

    When investors see Kenny and Chastanet and the division they create these investors move away and look elsewhere.
    St. Lucia could attract so much investment with a stable environment but not with these characters.


  10. Where were you all those years after you lost jannine??? wow! Micoud people are not stupid you know. I wish to remind you of the way we were treated while you were the MP. This time around you will loose with less than you got the last time. Wait and see! and for all the people that claim jannine is an honest and best politician, remember she is implicated in the constituency councils audit conducted by the SLP, having wrote cheques to her check the report and get the facts!


    Micoud North I know for a fact where it’s at do you?, that’s where I was born that’s where I am from poor Micoud North, we have been curse to carry a burden of electing individuals that have not lift a finger to our community they are all doing the same thing promises, broken promises! John Compton could not lose an election we saw to that, I look pass the welfare of my people to being a party people, yes I too was blinded by the man’s slippery tongue and I put on the blindfold willingly while my people suffer.
    This blindfold remains in place even as we speak on the majority, because this generation have become a community of know it all focusing on gossip and ignorance in their beliefs, concentrating on a yellow or red color and not in the development or progress done to the community village, poor Micoud North, there may come a time when the situation may be reverse and through lack of common knowledge allow it to pass by. The runner-ups since John has taken us for A RIDE, some grin like laughing Hyena, others with their screw faces but mark my words they too have not done a darn thing for the advancement of Micoud North the village period.
    Because of our mentality every representative has rode upon our backs smiling like a jackal while we suffer under their heavy weight yes Micoud North is a ticket to ride, we have proven to be obedient and reliable every time up to this now clown of a representative we have, we have been dedicated sheep’s following blindly by the shepherd as though we ourselves are the ones in the position of power, how foolish I have been to think any of them care, if they did they did not leave their mark on Micoud North village or its people certainly not on me, we have been marooned left in a village of the dam, in this poverty streaking dump. So run Jeannine who knows you may do better than your father, and yes you got my vote.


  12. I want somebody to be honest enough and tell me whether Mr chastanet has demonstrated some sort of leadership skills and can we as a nation vote this gentleman to be the next prime minister of St.Lucia maybe I am deaf or blind.


    • I guess you just have to give him a chance to find out. We gave Kenny Anthony a chance and see the mess that he has put Saint Lucia in. Allen is an international figure since he was a minister of Tourism in the last Sir John Administration. He is well known on the International Market, and unlike Kenny Anthony will be trusted by Investors who may want to invest in Saint Lucia


  13. Jeannie as a politician make much more sense than this joker Golden Balls. I will give her my vote every day and leave Golden Balls sitting on the big hot stone. The only thing I regret in the present situation is that she is contesting a different seat to him. I don't why he don't go back to Soufrerie where he started his political life. After being rejected there he come trying his luck is what is seen as safe seat in Micoud south. Yes the UWPs of Micoud South have given him Golden Balls as in their eyes he can do no wrong. See how they are bending backwards to accommodate him. I have never seen such esteem been bestowed on any politician in St Lucia. And what has he accomplished politically? Nothing but a string of failures!


    • Where have you been? Every politician goes up in an area where they can win. Do you see Kenny Anthony winning a seat anywhere else in Saint Lucia? Dalson won in Soufriere because he was from there. Do you see him winning anywhere else ? Why do you refer to a gentleman who has created employment for a lot of Saint Lucians as Golden Balls? Maybe Saint Lucians should have more like him and his father to help the economy. Put some sense in your head.


  14. Ms Compton Antoine you have to understand that you are Sir John's daughter and not Sir John himself. Please try and be your own person and don't feed on his legacy. As far as I can see you are an opportunist. Your motive is selfish and you will pay the price.
    Of what use is an independent candidate in St.Lucia unless you swing on either side. You make people believe that you are such a concern and caring individual but did not stay
    when the people of Micoud needed you most. You and your little bunch of hacks will go packing soon. GOOD LUCK!


    • Nonsense! So because her father served as PM of St Lucia she does not have the right to contest the next elections? Well, in answer to your statement here is what I think. Democracy for ever!


  15. The only politicians who are making sense are Sarah Flood Beaubrun , Dr. Preville and Jeanine.
    Chastanet does not have the trust or connection with our people and he is surrounded by losers.
    Sarah's recent move has been very good for politics and even if she did not have control over the UWP delegates she is now the most popular politician in that party. I hope they do not bring her down with them.
    If the party could have real people like those three they might have a chance next year.


    • Your first sentence is a real Gem.
      You can say that again one million times. Most people in our society are not educated enough to discern the difference. Therefore, we are condemned to repeat and waddle in our failures.
      Take for instance this SLP government. It has just been doing things to remain in power, or get re-elected. So far the cost to us beyond losing so much respect in the region is the treasure that could have been better spent on developing our people.

      SLP keeps on doing shate or shooting shate. So with Kenny as its head, we lost on Frenwell $48 million. With Kenny again as the signatory to a chimerical investment deal, we lost again an additional $86 million. This time in secret, we signed away our patrimony again to Grynburg costing us $150 million.
      Saint Lucians cannot see what the country got in return for all this money.

      Now as it stands, we must find yet another $86 million to get back the title to the lands regarding Black Bay, and pay perhaps yet another $500 million in penalties to the legal tribunal. How comes it that a law lecturer from UWI makes such a litany of financial and legal blunders?


    • Amen..Dr. Claudius Preville has a far advanced intellect than Allen Chastnate and is also has a grip on what is suppose to be done. But they don't want him, because all those who are barking within the UWP know if He gets in, they will be barking outside the UWP political party.

      Dr. Preville would clean them out like you are doing a dirty house and take new faces with fresh ideas. And this is their biggest threat.