Compton-Antoine signs contract with the people of Micoud North

Compton-Antoine signs contract with the people of Micoud North
Compton-Antoine’s daughter Sian and Lady Janice Compton.

Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Micoud North, Jeannine Compton-Antoine, signed a historic agreement with her supporters on Sunday, paving the way for a new type of representation.

The agreement is a binding document between Compton-Antoine and her supporters, which stipulates that her representation should be based on the principles of ‘good governance.’

The signing took place at the intersections of Philadelphia row in Micoud, in the presence of her supporters, her mother Lady Janice Compton, family and friends.

The daughter of former Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Sir John Compton, has decided to contest the next election as an independent candidate again, following calls to do so.

Compton-Antoine represented the Micoud North constituency in the House of Assembly from 2007 to 2011. She won the seat for the United Workers Party (UWP) in a 2007 by-election.

She resigned from the UWP in 2011 and continued to serve as an independent MP.

She lost the seat in the 2011 general election to Dr. Gale Rigobert who secured 42.23 percent of the votes, while she got 33.88 percent.

Some of her critics have suggested that she will not be able to properly represent the people of that constituency, if she wins the seat this time as an independent.

However, in an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO), Compton-Antoine debunked those statements, saying she will be in a better position to serve the people of Micoud North, especially since she will not be tied to any party or have to toe to any party lines.

Below is the full contract that was signed on Sunday:  


THIS  CONTRACT is made this the 24th day of APRIL Two Thousand and Sixteen

BETWEEN: THE PEOPLE OF THE CONSTITUENCY OF MICOUD NORTH (hereinafter referred to as the “THE PEOPLE”) acting herein and represented by Cynthia DEROSES and duly authorized to act herein by THE PEOPLE  of the one part,

AND: JEANNINE COMPTON-ANTOINE, CANDIDATE FOR MICOUD NORTH (hereinafter referred to as JEANNINE) of the other part,


THE PEOPLE desire representation based on the principles of good governance including but not limited to accountability, transparency and the rule of law and have asked JEANNINE to offer herself as a candidate for the constituency of Micoud North in the next general election;


JEANNINE wishes to continue to serve community and constituency and wishes to ensure accountable, transparent, consensus governance and excellent representation for Micoud North, JEANNINE  accepts the invitation of the PEOPLE to represent them and  agrees to offer herself as a candidate for the constituency of Micoud North in the next general election;


Should JEANNINE be so honored as to become the Parliamentary Representative for the constituency of Micoud North, the parties acknowledge and agree that:

  1. THE PEOPLE want to be empowered through equitable, inclusive local and national government.
  1. JEANNINE will engage the people, as valued stakeholders in the constituency, by :
  • Collaborating with community representatives and other local, national and international organizations and bodies.
  • Being available on a regular and consistent basis (at her constituency office or other suitable locations) to dialogue with the constituents individually and collectively as they may wish.
  • Holding herself accountable to the constituency for fair and transparent government by reporting to the constituency on a quarterly basis and to the national parliament on the following:
  1. constituency projects
  2. expenditures
  • achievements
  • Conducting herself, in and outside of Parliament in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • Being punctual and well prepared when representing the constituency.
  • Conducting the business of THE PEOPLE in a non-partisan manner.
  1. THE PEOPLE desire sustainable economic development for the constituency of Micoud North.
  1. JEANNINE will ensure sustainable economic development of the constituency of Micoud North by :

(a) Developing, as a top priority, within the first 90 days of government, in collaboration with the constituents, local and national agencies, a social and economic plan for the constituency with emphasis on employment and entrepreneurship growth.

(b) Presenting the social and economic plan to THE PEOPLE, relevant governing bodies, potential funding agencies and business collaborators.

(c) Ensuring the social and economic plan is endorsed by all constituents prior to presentation to other organizations.

(d) Implementing the social and economic plan in a timely and efficient manner together with constituents and various local, national and international stakeholders.

  1. THE PEOPLE desire sustainable social development for the constituency of Micoud North.
  1. JEANNINE will ensure the sustainable social development of the constituency of Micoud North by :
  • Providing genuine support to enforcement agencies and social agencies including the Police, the Judiciary, Social Transformation and Local Government Officers, the Family Court, the Crisis Centre, Health Care Providers, the Churches and non governmental and community based organizations to ensure the general safety and the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the constituents, especially of those most vulnerable.
  • Supporting and developing recreational services in collaboration with various social agencies and community groups, to provide viable outlets in particular to the youth and the aged.
  • Developing and implementing social programs in collaboration with the social agencies, schools, churches and community and non-governmental organizations to ensure the holistic development of constituents.
  • Revitalizing critical cultural activities that will foster community building and pride and encourage creativity and entrepreneurship within the various communities.
  • Engaging constituents, agencies and land owners to ensure that all historic sites in the constituency are utilized sustainably to so that they are available for generations to come.
  1. THE PEOPLE desire a safe, clean and healthy environment in which to live and work.
  1. JEANNINE acknowledges the importance of the environment for the holistic development of the constituency and will:
  • Collaborate with constituents and local, national and international agencies to ensure the environment is used in a sustainable manner in accordance with international best practices.
  • Include a sustainable environmental component as part of the social and economic plan, to ensure the sustainable use and protection of critical landscapes and water bodies, both fresh water and marine.

THE PEOPLE agree further to:

  • Support and participate in the development and implementation of the social and economic plan.
  • To attend meetings held by JEANNINE and agencies aimed at furthering the development of the constituency.
  • Support, collaborate and participate in programs aimed at developing the constituency and constituents.
  • To hold JEANNINE accountable to the terms of this contract.
  • Appraise the performance of JEANNINE, annually, at a meeting to be held at the end of each financial year.
  1. Should JEANNINE fail to fulfill her obligations herein, THE PEOPLE may choose to

hold her accountable and  DEMAND performance of this CONTRACT.

  1. Should JEANNINE fail in performance of the CONTRACT the PEOPLE of Micoud North may request by petition, bearing the signatures of at least three quarters (3/4) of the voting population of Micoud North, that she resign from the office of Parliamentary Representative for Micoud North. Upon receipt of a petition bearing the signatures of at least three quarters (3/4) of the voting population of Micoud North JEANNINE shall demit office.

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  1. Jeannine all the talk about asking people to come and witness something that has never been done before. Asking representatives from all the other parties to attend, and that is the nonsense you were able to come up with. What is that. This is surely something to laugh about. It is a good thing many people did not waste their time to go and witness that. You are still bitter with the UWP, so you will do anything to try to be a stumbling block but you will not succeed. I watched you while you were in parliament and your demeanor said a lot about you. You were sour and talking under your breath. so there is no way I will ever want you to represent me


  2. Maybe a good in principle. However could Jannine be sued for not demitting office in the event that she is petitioned by 3/4 of the people of Micoud? Could this contract supersede the Electoral process enacted in the Constitution? I don't think so because the provisions of the Constitution supersedes any such contract. She could simply refer to the Constitutional clause that she was duly elected and can only be removed at a general election. In fact statements made during political campaigning is highly viewed as "mere puffs" in the eyes of the Courts.


  3. Nice! Although it's only symbolic, good move. The rest of the politrickians will never even think about doing something like that. They forget that they work for us; heck the majority of us forget that the politicians work for us, smh.


  4. You people who are not from "Micoud" Since when it's your "Roll" to comments on this? Stay in your section!! She is the only transparent, accountable and Sincere Politician in this Country. Please.....


  5. Well done Jeanine pay no heed to negative comments from ignorant people.

    Continue bucking the trend in SLU politics.

    Detailing what you spent your allocated constituency budget on in Parliament.

    Now a contract between your supporters and yourself. All be it not a contract that would potentiallu stand up in a court of law.

    however it demonstrates your intended comittment to your supporters.

    Well done.


  6. Good stuff Jeanine. A focused woman she has power. Keep it up and expect some people may try to discourage, even in your close circle. I think she also been part of projects that affect constituence across the island. There's one in particular that either helps pay or totally pays for cxc exam fees for less fortunate students every year.


  7. She might be well meaning. but this is highly impractical and therefore only symbolic at best.


  8. Any lawyer will laugh at this so called contract. It is too ambiguous yet the simple man will put it in their pipe and smoke it.

    This is not the united kingdom. We do not have a monarchy... even though most people liked sir John that does not mean you are entitled to micoud north. I say if you started small by interacting with the community years ago and taking part in community activities or even planning them this would have def been in your favor. One independent minister cannot bring about good governance alone. They'll more have you like a volley ball. good luck


    • One person may not bring about good governance, but it takes the courage of one person to start the change.


    • @porkit, I'm sorry but Saint Lucia is a Constitutional Monarchy, meaning that the Constitution rules while the Queen reigns. Saint Lucia is in fact a kingdom in it's own right, because the Queen is "Queen of Saint Lucia." So please gets your facts right, the next time.


  9. I do agree with the idea of a contract for every parliamentary representative. Hold them accountable.... then fire them if they do not meet the terms of the contract 🙂
    Although I doubt that some would be willing to sign it.
    Furthermore, a bobol, is a bobol, is a bobol.... he who is a thief knows how to steal right in front of thee eyes.


  10. She is a force to be reckoned with ! She intends to set the example of good governance . One with accountability and representation. Some feel threatened and dismiss her as a spoiler. She has an equal opportunity to win.


  11. She seems like the most sincere person in politics.

    I hope she wins.

    the people candidate,,,do you smell what JEANNINE is cooking

    On a point of order Micoud was never great.


  12. If she sincere and genuine there is no need for a contract. Her very father, Allan bousquet and Romanus Lansiquot were some if the hard working politicians who did not have contracts and they worked damn hard.

    In any case all the list of things she has singled out to perform, it is a long list, how realistic is success of that for an independent candidate who will need extraordinary support from the governing party. Often MP's of a governing party find if very difficult to fulfill constituency obligations far less she as an outside independent person. Constituents will just suffer and she will just cry she not in government so don't blame her.

    Further for recall she says 3|4 of the votets. I find that high. Why not 60 %


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