Jeana Corneille says Gros-Islet constituency hijacked by “Spider”

By SNO Staff

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From left to right: Jeana Corneille and Lenard "Spider" Montoute.

Jeana Corneille (left) and Lenard “Spider” Montoute (right).

Political hopeful and television broadcaster Jeana Corneille has accused former Public Service Minister Lenard “Spider” Montoute of “forcing himself on the people of Gros-Islet”.

Corneille, who had expressed an interest in participating in a run-off for the United Workers Party (UWP) Gros-Islet seat, said the party must be applauded for insisting that the democratic process is upheld.

“In every constituency, members of the branch, have the power to choose their representative. Thus, the candidate selected is truly the people’s choice. This is democracy at its best,” she explained.

However, in a statement to the media on August 1, Corneille said Montoute has hijacked “this process of democracy”.

Corneille also said St. Lucians should no longer allow politicians to spin webs of corruption, deceit and disgrace.

“St. Lucians need representatives who are men and women of integrity; leaders who always act honorably, for the benefit of every St. Lucian and the greater good of our country,”she added.

Montoute had contested three elections, but was only successful at the 2006 polls.

He is currently the deputy political leader of the UWP.


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  1. At the end of the day it is the GOVERNMENT OF ST. LUCIA who has to make the difference through the ministers.
    They could build a high rise building in the ghettos and house ghetto persons through a small $100-$200 rent for those who are really poor and the working class to pay more. It would be easier to manage crime and land space can be used for other purposes. Get a building superintendent.
    U can then remove hundreds of surrounding sharks. Put cameras around
    The building super should b from the ghettos. .
    this what a government does not a minister

  2. Mr Montoute can weave his tasteless web for as long as he likes. This will not affect the way I have decided to vote. In this elections Mr Prudent is my choice. I have no time for leftovers. I am chosing a man of quality for my community so all those who may not approve are free to remain blind and trapped in Mr. Moutoutes web.

  3. NO comment will wait for elections !! Either red or yellow where is the difference?? The educated arrogant fools find glorified ways of fooling us and the greedy arrogant fools will just fool us. I predict next general elections the voter turnout will be much less and there will be much more ruin ballots. The people way of speaking.................Please show us otherwise!

  4. Corneille also said St. Lucians should no longer allow politicians to spin webs of corruption, deceit and disgrace.

    What a brilliant choice of words, considering her opponent was Spider


  6. woman you need to shut up and stay in your section because you would not win anyways

  7. haha lucians in war for useless politicians.lpm must win in gros islet

  8. Given this stinking scenario Sardine is my candidate. Better than Spider by far in everyway.

  9. Spider wants to talk about water in Laborne, for heavens sake he was being paid a salary to represent the people. If spider can win Gros-Islet again, then Frederick can win Central again. Frederick can boast about things he did, like serenity park, basket ball courts, etc etc.
    Frederick will never talk about the people in Castries Central who still use "Banchet" and plastic bags to ease their bowels. The same with spider. I will only vote for spider if he wins a run-off against the young lady.

  10. To all the people who are alleging that politiians had Taiwaneese money, where are the facts?? I know that the DPP had advised against a criminal case against the alleged persons when that was tried? As usual DDP being used as the soft target by Kickem Kenny. Why was a civil case brought only against the Chairman and Political leader of the opposing Party? Matter of fact Chastanet was not even an elected parlamentarian, if he was given money by the Taiwaneese would it have been for Tourism, where is the logic in this? Why hasn't this Civil case proceeded, as a matter of fact we saw it rushed through the Judical system earlier, why now has it slowed? Who is the attorney who paid thousands of USDs and stand to get more out of an unpublicized settlement? Will this trial be re-ignited when elections is called later so as to cast a shadow over the reputations of the accused? I mean, with so many allegations of false information, false allegations and false documents swirling around the camp of the accusers you would think that St. Lucians would be more concious as to the motives of these allegations, and why and the manner that theywould be disseminated. SMH.

    One fact that i am definitley sure of is that most St. Lucians have SHIT for brains.

  11. I am trying to get what this report is about. What are the facts????????

  12. Spider u have my vote......

  13. Spider cannot even open his mouth to talk.. How can he represent the people. Give Jeans a chance to prove herself.

  14. Some persons talk about in fighting how can that be when the young lady isn't a part of the party. Now lets talk about education. Yes its good but haveing aall the education and you dont know how to deliver doesn't mean jack so my friend education is just a part of the shit this world has become. Now miss Corneal please show that you care about gros islet but showing your worth before you want us to help you get a pay cheque.

  15. peeps UWP shud chang there name TDP means team divided party

  16. You all think Spider stupid. He lobbied so there would be no run off because he do not want to be beaten by a woman again. Where is the democracy? Dr.Mondesir will always call foul.

  17. ok, if you all cannot put personal differences aside for the overall good of the party, how the hell are you going to run a country. Who is going to vote for a party that cannot settle their own internal matters? I have always voted UWP but I definitely not voting for a party with so much infighting. Gina, my advice to you, do not waste your time. That party eh ready yet...all of them go lose....

  18. How do you sell yourself by trying to bring someone else down? You want to represent me then show me what YOU can do to improve my standard of living; and sullying someone else does not do it foe me.

    We can see however that she has adopted the typical behavior of what passes for a politician here on this little rock of ours. #Disappoited.

  19. Can anybody tell me what is Mr Montoute's qualification again? Cause I am here that this is questionable?

    • A guy with a physical education degree as my deputy PM again? This is taking a joke too far.

  20. Whats that bombshell i hearing is about to be drop on spider?

  21. So you mean Spider is bigger than anyone from Gros Islet and no one should ever attempt to challenge as long as he wants to run? Is this really coming from people who are intelligent and have a brain? I mean Gros Islet has so many educated people who have accomplished more than spider has and I am not talking about politics. Why is Spider made to feel like no one can replace when his record in same as Ira d'Auvergene. Ira contest 4 times and had only 1 win. Spider is about to contest four times and very likely will end up losing again. Is this what people in Gros Islet want? A candidate for life? Does Spider own Gros Islet when Gros Islet is really made up of more people than there is in the town of Gros Islet. Where are your bright sons and daughters who can make a difference doesn't that kind of thinking breath corruption?

  22. if the parlament is then occupied with opportunists only, instead of people with professional experience then its time to say GOOD NIGHT ST.LUCIA.

  23. Woman stay in your section. Go do your radio work!!!

  24. When you have people who are career politicians, what do you think will happen? Outside de party these guys cant get a job. SAD!!!

  25. I agree with everything that was said by Miss Cornielle, UWP need more young vibrant people like her, not men like Spideer, allow democracy to prevail, if after the run she is elected then let it be.Gros Islet is one of the most developed consituencies in St.Lucia but has some of the most ignorant ppl too..ANYWAYS,, Mr.Chastanet, when is the run off taking place in Dennery North cause Andy Daniel needs to be removed.

  26. Who th he'll that woman think she is....if. anyone thinking of hijacking anything is she,cuz she knows other than that there is no way we will accept her as our representative she has nothing to show and better yet she has never been a figure seen around except on my television.As for Montoute I firmly believe in voting for the individual who has proven himself an shown his interest in his constituency hence spider has my vote.Emma is there presently and has done absolutely nothing so for for the's been month upon months the people of monchy/ la borne has not gotten a drop of water.I will forever remain tangle in spiders web....until the day he fails to deliver.SPIDER AGAIN

  27. Proof of inner fighting continues! Why are two persons who apparently have the country at heart will go mud slinging in the public?

  28. She would of not one the seat if she ran

  29. Just because I few lazy people who want to eat Taiwanese money again chose him does not mean that the 25,000 registered voters will accept him. I know of serveral politcians who got thousands of votes when they were in power and the money was flowing lose, then try again, and get another licking. This is a lesson for all those in the web. The test will come from the people not those who receive handouts from Montoute when he was in power.

  30. Jeana Corneille spoils grapes mayb???

  31. One vote one count !! No vote no count ?

  32. You see how self interested all those people are. I can't believe I hear Micheal Flood claiming that he will support spider " as long as he is interested". But let me ask Micheal Flood a question? Isn't that same spider not responsible for you not being up there in the UWP right now? Wasn't it that same spider who voted in Favour of Chastanet to put King down? So now I see this wonderful marriage of convenience coming on. Anyone who is Chastanet's enemy as in the case of Spider is now your freind? right? sacway, you think people are not seeing right through the plott? Gina right to speak out!

    • SMH at this news item.
      And the UWP Chairman will open his mouth and say there is no infighting withing thier Party. What a joke!
      After all 17 Candidates are selected there will be so much roro that the UWP will implode. I can see Labour laughing all the way to the Polls. UWP can't win any election the way they are going there poor leadership and too many lies.

  33. The constiuency group members are a bunch of semi literate, parasites who want to depend on spider for their survival. I ask corbooms what is wrong with run off, he said spider does want to take a chance with such a good looking woman.

  34. the woman has no right to challenge spider.She is not a member of the party.In order for one to be eligible and to apply to be a candidate for the part,he or she must be a financial member for at least five months.She does not fit there

  35. The laziest politician I have ever seen

  36. He hasn't hijacked anything. He has done so much for Gros Islet. For example, were you aware that there was no running water in La Borne until he became the representative for Gros Islet ? The previous government had YEARS to deal with situations like these but chose to turn a blind eye. Can you imagine that in the year 2005 there was NO RUNNING WATER in a part of Monchy ? I can't even compile a list of the things he's done right now because it would be exhausting. Spider demonstrated that he cared about the ordinary PEOPLE. He saw their needs and tried his best to meet them. If we love Spider it's because we have a reason to...he gave us a reason! And anyone who would choose another representative is just ungrateful!!! Behind you 100% Spider and you have my vote !!!

    • This is papaishow you takling about there. We elect people to help the country and it just happen that Spider was the man with the Taiwanse money in his hands to do so. Anyone with the amount of money they had in their hands could have done these projects. This man does not deserve to remain around politics. Who bets in chest before an election and tell peole that he is the only sherrif in town and that without him nothing can happen in the constituency. Spider's time has past right now he is paying for his sins of passing everything to Ren Lucian to take care and not having time for the people.

      • First off idiot everyone is entitled to their opinion and she is right after Mario he has been the best minister for Gros islet. You have to handle home first. Plus that woman would have never one Gros islet

  37. The lady is right. Everybody who understand Moutoute's operations in Gros Islet knows he have corrupt people around him. This is why they all are doing their best to make sure he is the candidate. Spider know he is behind that plan. This is a pretentious man who no one should trust. Get out of the way and allow someone elese to get a chance. [email protected] I leave him there for Prudent. He know his arse his grass this time.

  38. DE man is a SPIDER,what would expect of him to do?Spiders are powerful when they shoot their cob webs from the north south east and west.He is out to hijacked people into his kingdom of more empty promises.This are the failures of politics for decades upon decades in ST.Lucia.Failure's never wants to give up.These guys are addicted to fool people in order to get into power.Political ideologies!

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