Jazz Sampler and Heineken Light take flight bound for Berklee College

Jazz Sampler and Heineken Light take flight bound for Berklee College

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Just when fans thought the most anticipated St. Lucian main stage event on our Jazz Calendar – Jazz Sampler, could not get more spectacular, organizers of this novel event Sisterhood along with their partners Heineken Light stunned their guests at Monday’s launch with the most exciting news, that one of the St. Lucian artiste set to perform for Jazz Sampler 6 will jet set to Berklee College for a one week Vocal Camp.

The announcement met with unprecedented applause and cheers from the audience.

Heineken has been a sponsor of the Jazz Sampler from its inception in 2012 and we deeply value this relationship” notes Roberto Profera Global Brands Manager for WLBL. “This year we wanted to do more than pump money into the event, we wanted to engage in a meaningful investment that had long lasting rewards especially for the local artiste. This Vocal Scholarship at Berklee College is just the start,” he concludes.

“We are very excited about this value added element, ” states Mineva Ross member of the group Sisterhood organizers of Jazz Sampler. “We have just realized one of the major objectives of the Jazz Sampler – to make it possible for our local musicians to access tools and programs of the highest quality internationally in an endeavor to penetrate a global market” Mineva remarks.

It was important to note that Sisterhood has hosted over the years a number of workshops locally for artiste of the Jazz Sampler as well as the wider creative arts population. Workshops covered such topics as Entertainment Law and Copyright, Branding and Marketing and Financial Management among others.

Organizers noted that this opportunity is open to all vocalist slated to perform for Jazz Sampler 6. The Berklee College Vocal Program will cover key topics including Vocal Technique, Dance Styles for Singers, Aural Awareness and Improv, How to Record and Mix Vocals and Microphones and PA for Singers along with other valuable modules. The Jazz Sampler Heineken Light Vocal Scholarship by Berklee will cover, Airfare to Berklee College in Boston, Tuition, Housing and Allowances.

In order to qualify to receive this scholarship vocalist will be expected to fulfill a rigorous training program which will test them at various levels including: Attendance and Punctuality, Professionalism and Working Knowledge of the Industry, Technical Skill (Articulation, Key, Range), Interpretation of music, Creative Originality, Teamwork. A second tier of judging will be on the evening of Jazz Sampler Saturday April 28th, 2018 when performers will be assessed on the following: Complexity, Originality, Workmanship, Intonation, Tone, Rhythm, Diction and overall Stage Presence.

Participants can also amass fro themselves popular votes by exciting the public and their fans to Like them on Facebook through their posting of social media vines showcasing real time preparation for Jazz Sampler 6. Other activities are planned to expose the artiste to the public through special event promotions.

Mindy Chicot Junior Brand Officer for WLBL Global Brands noted, “ Heineken is an evolving brand, innovative and fresh and the Jazz Sampler brand and the Heineken Light brand pair beautifully.” She went on to invite the public to the main event remarking that her most anticipated experience is the transforming of the National Cultural Center into an exquisite entertainment extravaganza come Saturday April 28th, 2018 at 7pm and as she so eloquently puts it “to take in some of the eye-candy and to enjoy the “Lighter” side of music and Jazz at Jazz Sampler 6 with Heineken Light!”

Other premier sponsors of Jazz Sampler 6 are The Wave, DBS, Massy Gourmet, Belle Vue Properties, TAM’s Travel, DIGICEL, Unicomer, Black Up Cosmetics, Events St. Lucia and All Biz Media.

Collateral sponsors are Sagicor, JP Chenet, Chairmans,Tapas on the Bay and Q Jazz Lounge.


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