Jazz on the Bay with music and arts

Jazz on the Bay with music and arts

Set against the unmatched backdrop of Marigot Bay, Jazz on the Bay is a unique activity that last year captivated its audience. This year organizers plan to exceed expectations as they prepare to host visitors and St. Lucians for the Friday, May 3, 2013 event.

In 2012 Jazz on the Bay attracted hundreds of patrons to the Marina Village at Marigot Bay.

Speaking about the annual event, Marina Manager Bob Hathaway explained that Jazz on the Bay is about “sharing Marigot Bay with the world.”

“People are still amazed by the beauty of the Bay and this activity allows us to showcase this community and the music of St Lucia,” he added.

“The feedback we got from patrons last year really informed our decision in terms of this year’s set up and line-up. We recruited some of the biggest names in local music,” explained the Marina’s Eldon St Remy.  “We want people to come chill with us all afternoon long or come to the Marina after work and hang out. It is an easygoing Friday getaway.”

The team of Jazz on the Bay (which is endorsed by the St. Lucia Tourist Board as an official activity of the Jazz & Arts Festival) is equally inspired by the SLTB’s embracing of the local Arts in this year’s festival and St. Remy explained that Jazz on the Bay 2013 will highlight cultural talent from the Marigot Bay community and beyond.

The official launch of Jazz on the Bay will be held on April 11 following which the full exciting line-up for the event will be revealed. Until then mark your calendar for a visit to Marigot Bay!


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