Japanese gov’t funds construction of main drainage in Laborie-Augier

Japanese gov’t funds construction of main drainage in Laborie-Augier



PRESS RELEASE – The signing ceremony for the Grant Assistance for the Grass-roots Human Security Project (GGP) entitled “The Project for Constructing the Main Drainage in Laborie-Augier Community” will take place at 9:30 a.m. on October 28, 2015, at the Conference Room, Laborie Cooperative Credit Union, Saint Lucia.

The Laborie Development Foundation Inc. will recieve a grant of up to US$88,871 which will help improve the disaster preparedness in the Laborie-Augier area and is expected to alleviate flooding disasters within the district area.

His Excellency Mitsuhiko Okada, Ambassador of Japan and The Honourable Alva Baptiste Minister of External Affairs, International Trade and Civil Aviation; and Member of Parliament for Laborie Constituency, will be in attendance for the ceremony. Mr. Elias Jean, Chairman, Laborie-Augier Constituency Council, along with Mr. Augustine Dominique, President, Laborie Development Foundation Inc. are also expected to attend the signing ceremony.

The Government of Japan welcomes further opportunities to work with the Government and the people of Saint Lucia, all with a view to strengthening the bonds of friendship and mutual understanding which exist between the two countries.


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  1. I see nothing will happen in Augier at all not before election an not after. Not even the hospital can finish. Shame on government and shame on our Frequent flier REP.
    So i have no hopes at all.


    • Negative people have a talent of turning good news sour. I pray that you change your outlook on life, maybe then you will see good things happen around you.


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