Jamshidi’s case moved to the new year

Jamshidi’s case moved to the new year
Sahab Jamshidi
Sahab Jamshidi
Sahab Jamshidi

THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR – A Hamilton man charged with the death of a child in St. Lucia will spend the holidays on the Caribbean island, with his next court date set for late January.

Sahab Jamshidi, 34, was in court Monday where he pleaded not guilty, his sister says, and the case was put over until the new year.

Jamshidi was charged in the drowning death of a local four-year-old boy, T.J. Elibox, in March. In May, a high court judge ruled that Jamshidi will face trial in the case.



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  1. Why is this Iranian- Canadian man getting preferential treatment? There are loads of cases waiting to be tried and the CPS is doing nothing about it. There are people who are currently on remand for many years and they are yet to have their day in court to ascertain whether they are guilty or not. There are plenty of people languishing in prison without due process of law. Along comes this outsider who is accused of taking the life of a little boy and all of a sudden his trial is being pushed forward. Why?

    The unpleasant spiteful and mean spirited Canadian press have gone on the moral offensive with their bias reporting and lopsided commentaries about this case. The reporting is of a malevolent disposition . They are recklessly determined to find this man not guilty with their trial by media. This should not be allowed to happen. A court which consists of a judge and jury will decide this defendant's fate. Not an irrationally hostile and rampant tabloid press a few thousand miles away in a colonial backwater. They don't seem to care about the damage they are doing to this splendid isle's reputation. All they are concerned about is applying unnecessary pressure to see this man to go free without a trial.

    They have treated our judicial system with contempt and disdain. They regard the Criminal Justice System in St Lucia as being inferior and worthless. Their wilful disobedience and open disrespect for our legal system is legendary. The system in Canada is similar to our own judicial system. Both St Lucia and Canada are commonwealth countries who were once ruled by the British and so English law is prevalent in both territories. The department of legal affairs with the help of the Canadian High Commission should ensure that there are reporting restrictions put in place so as not to prejudice a fair trial. Only certain things can be reported in the Canadian press. The St Lucian media have afforded this case the respect it deserves by not reporting on it much. The baleful Canadian press should follow the example set by their St Lucian contemporaries and back off until the trial.

    There are two sides to every story. The young boy's family have poured their hearts out denying the accused version of events. No one knows for sure what transpired and that is why a court will decide what really happened to this poor kid. The trial has to be fair or at least seen to be fair. Both sides should have their say on the matter. No stones should be left unturned in getting to the truth. The truth will out and it is for a jury to decide with the help of a judge whether this man is guilty or not. The jurors should be carefully selected. No Canadians should be allowed near anyone serving on this jury. The wheels of justice can be bought in St Lucia as there are plenty of corrupt officials and members of the public alike who will be willing to help sway the jurors for the right price. The defendant's people have started a campaign to raise funds to help exonerate him of the charges and responsibility. They are not concerned whether he did this crime or not. Their only concern is to ensure that he is absolved of the charges that lay in front of him. They want to see him vindicated. To be cleared of blame suspicion and accusation. They want him sent home immediately.

    Many members of the St Lucian public who are still wearing the rags of their colonial past have jumped onto the bandwagon with their usual rhetoric and bombastic theories. Most of these sapheads just cannot help themselves with their ridiculous and absurd comments absolving the foreigner of any wrongdoing. People are quick to defend others who do not come from these shores while on the other hand they are willing to sully and besmirch the character of their fellow citizens for a few pieces of silver. St Lucians must learn to respect each other. The many comments I have read are extremely bias caustic and sardonic. They are intensely bitter spiteful and malicious. These remarks are helping the Canadian press foment the flames of hatred animosity and the current hostility that is meandering and flowing in our lovely island's direction.There is endless antipathy towards us right now.

    St Lucians need to stop and think about the damage they are doing with their virulent and actively poisonous comments. Stop giving the Canadian press salvos to fire right back at you. Stop providing them with the fuel to keep their fires burning so they can continue to fire their projectiles our way. St Lucia can do without this for now. We Do Not need this.

    The court will hear evidence from all the parties concerned. They will listen to the testimonies of the witnesses who were present. The family of young Elibox, will tell what they saw and what happened. The Accused will also give his side of the story. All will be revealed during the trial. The Powers that be in St Lucia should not allow the Canadian media and supporters of this man to dictate the proceedings. If this was the other way round where a St Lucian was being tried for a similar offence in Canada, no St Lucian media nor family members of the accused would be allowed near the court to start throwing their weigh around. Why should it be any different in this country? No one is above the law.

    I am appalled at the behaviour of the Canadian supporters of the defendant.They are arrogant and cocky. They seem to think that they can buy their way through the legal system. To them they can cut through like a knife cutting through butter. The authorities need to banish these characters to the Canadian wilderness where they hail from. Send them packing if they will not obey our rules and regulations. At Least they can travel to our beautiful country without visas. Can St Lucians do likewise? Can Lucians travel to Canada without visas? The simple answer is NO. This travel arrangement between the two countries is inequitable unfair and unjust. No wonder these colonials feel they can tell us what to do. We should not allow them to tell us how to administer justice in our own country. What a blooming cheek! St Lucia is quite capable thank you very much.

    The CPS should give priority to the many other cases that have been on their books for many years now. This Canadian-Iranian man should not be given preferential treatment or top priority. He is where is he right now because he has been accused of committing a heinous and brutal act. He is of course innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He should wait like everyone else who is on remand to have his day in court. If he did not do the crime then he should not do the time But if he did commit the crime then it is only fair he does the time.

    The legal system in St Lucia should not be dictated to by anyone outside of our jurisdiction. Let Justice prevail according to the laws of St Lucia and nowhere else. The Canadian press and supporters of this man should respect the impartiality of the St Lucian Courts System.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Berlin Germany


  2. I think the reason why he was arrested is because he looks white and if he was set free a riot would start in st Lucia. Trying to make money off the guy but it will back fire because he will sue the government and the family of the child,lying not good it comes back. Just wait for it!!!!


  3. The people who is responsible for the death of this young boy is out there enjoying their freedom whiles an innocent man is paying for their guilt. That is why am saying the law in St lucia is just a joke. Words to the grandmother and pastor how can you'll sleep at nights. This little boy will make you'll life a living hell living with guilt. But before you the grandmother live this earth you will speak the truth remember god is not sleeping. .... i see evil in you'll eyes... god bless the victim and the innocent young man....


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