Jamie did not kill BJ, says relative

Jamie did not kill BJ, says relative
Jamie Butcher
Jamie Butcher

The sister of a 22-year-old man charged with the murder of 48-year-old Asher ‘BJ’ Emmanuel, says her brother is being “wrongfully accused”.

Police said Jamie Butcher of Rose Hill, Castries was on Monday, April 13 charged with the murder of Emmanuel, who was shot multiple times on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 about 10:30 a.m. off Chaussee Road in Leslie Land, Castries.

Butcher was remanded at Bordelais Correctional Facility after he appeared in court on Tuesday, April 14.

Butcher’s sister, who prefers to remain anonymous, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the young man was targeted because of his association. The relative said though he hung out with the wrong crowd sometimes, that does not mean he committed the crime.

When asked if she is aware of Butcher being a member of a gang, she said: “I will not say yes and I will not say no…because I am not with him 24-7.”

She added: “He has his friends. I have spoken to him about it… but he is wrongfully accused. He should not be charged,” the relative said, adding that Butcher has never gotten in trouble with the law before.

Other persons close to Butcher told SNO that he could not have been the trigger man behind BJ’s killing because he was nowhere near the murder scene.

One friend questioned how could the lawmen finger out Butcher when it is alleged that the killer/s was masked.

Jamie Butcher (right) being escorted to a Castries court on Tuesday.

Police said a post mortem conducted on Wednesday, April 8 revealed that Emmanuel died ”as a result of hemorrhagic shock secondary to [a] gunshot wound to the head”.

Originally from Bexon, Castries, Emmanuel was well known as a peacemaker (elder) in the Wilton’s Yard (Graveyard) community. He was a former coordinator of an after-school programme in the community.

He was the husband of popular Wilton’s Yard resident, Cheryl Clarke. The couple would have celebrated their first wedding anniversary later this month.

Clarke’s brother, Arthur ‘Afoo’ Clarke, was gunned down in Chase Gardens on January 27, 2011.


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  1. To the officers dont rush to take credit for arresting someone who isnt guilty of the crime placed infront of them
    The innocent ppl u guys shot u should pay the penalty an they should put u guys on tv too


  2. Lucian's will always be followers
    Facts- the police doesn't have one stripe of evidence but the 1 witness who claim say
    the police knows grave yard and slumbs has alway been in a fued so since bj died right next to the slumps they took the only 4 guys they found in the slumps at the time for questioning the so called witness said herself who could have shout the man but now she is witness
    n e one could have gone to be a witness
    jamie had more than 4 people who saw him when the shots were fired both strangers and friends so dont b so quick to judge


  3. Sad to see one of your students in the spotlight for something of this nature. Brings back all those times I wish he had listened. As you make your bed....


  4. Freee all the innocent niggas whether it be graveyard, slums,reduit,comway.....free d innocent niggqa....


  5. And i read Alot of comments saying he should help the police if is not him.. I think that's complete BS cause he dong need to help the police if he don't want to .. Police self in Lucia don't even protect your identity after u play informer for them .. Smh ..


    • what shaite you yourself talking about why he should help? You stupid? He know who do it if is not himself..yall eh know nun...certain crime does go down and man does take the fall. So why de ass you eh go talk and save yourself? Just like that you wont cooperate and ruin your life. Juhmet woi.