Jamaica’s ‘most wanted’ says his obeah makes him untouchable; threatens security forces

Jamaica’s ‘most wanted’ says his obeah makes him untouchable; threatens security forces

(JAMAICA STAR) — Prekeh, the most wanted man in Jamaica, has released a video, threatening to avenge the death of his friend, Richard ‘Cruz’ Anderson, who he said was killed by members the security forces.

“Yow Cruz, yuh a me fren,” he said in the video that has been making it way around social media.

It is unclear when the video was made or if Prekeh received help to create it.

Cruz was shot and killed and an M16 assault rifle seized from him during a confrontation with lawmen last November. Police had initially claimed that Prekeh, whose given name is Delano Wilmot, was also killed in the attack. The elusive Prekeh became a prime target for the security forces after he allegedly spearheaded an ambush on a police/military patrol in a section of Cambridge, St James last year during which two soldiers were shot and injured.

“Dem feel like dem can kill me? Mi strongly under my obeah. A three time now dem mek after me and me nuh dead. Deh nuh see dat? Every time dem come fi me one a my chargie dem drop out. Mi duppy dem strong, yuh hear dat. Me feed dem wid rum. Wait til me roll in, a different thing,” Prekeh said.

The criminal, who the police said is responsible for unleashing terror in St James, escaped a law enforcement dragnet last November, and has been in hiding still. Prekeh claims he is in hiding in Haiti. However, in the same video, the notorious gangster made comments that suggest that he may not be truthful about his whereabouts. For instance, Prekeh said that he is in possession of high calibre weapon, which he got from Haiti.

“The new thing weh me get in from Haiti enuh dawg, that thing deh, one shot bum up station and one shot bum up dem jump-out van or dem police car weh dem a drive. Suh just know when me roll in, a different thing,” he said.

“Me a teach Jamaica, government and police dem seh me a one a di worst wanted man dem a guh see,” the criminal said.


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  1. That's why Haiti is in that state. Same with Jamaica and countries where Obeah, witchcraft and soucery is highly practiced. If you believe in Jesus Christ or not the truth is according to the bible " righteousness exhalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people". St. Lucia is well on it's way like these other nations cuz they are now deeper into those pandits and obeah men and freemasonry.


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