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Jamaicans, Venezuelan sought for killing landlord in Trinidad

St Lucia News Online

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(NEWSDAY) An argument over an apartment in Arima turned fatal yesterday morning, leaving a 37-year-old man dead and his 39-year-old wife wounded in hospital.

Dead is Dominic Houllier Almerales, the landlord who went to Temple Street, Arima to confront three men – two Jamaicans and a Venezuelan – over an apartment they were staying in.

The dead landlord’s wife, Desiree Sparkle Layne, was also injured in the incident, being shot in the chest and in the arm.

According to reports, at 7.45 am Thursday morning, Almerales and his wife went to the house on Temple street and were speaking to the men about the rent.

Sources told Newsday they were about to evict the men when the conversation got physical.

One of the tenants then went for a gun and shot Almerales multiple times. Police said Layne was also shot in her leg and shoulder.

Desiree Sparkle Layne and Dominic Houllier Almerales

The three men then fled the scene as Almerales slumped to the ground, dead. Newsday was told that the three men had to run through the yard of a Arima Primary school which was nearby. Layne was taken to the Arima District Health Facility where she is currently warded.

When teachers heard the gunshots they locked down the classes, dismissed the school and alerted all parents to come collect their children.

Newsday understands none of the children were hurt in the incident.

When Newsday attempted to speak to neighbours in the area they refused to comment and shuffled quickly indoors. Several other residents looked on at the scene, but from the safety of their homes. Some residents were seen peeking from their windows and looking at police processing the scene.

Newsday understands that Layne is the granddaughter of Lilly Layne who had several cases pending in the courts and who was gunned down in Malabar in August 2007.

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