Jamaicans flocking to Canada

Jamaicans flocking to Canada
Jamaican native Andrea Paisley and her twin boys Jaeden (left) and Jordan moved to Canada under the North American country's Express Entry immigration programme in 2015.
Jamaican native Andrea Paisley and her twin boys Jaeden (left) and Jordan moved to Canada under the North American country’s Express Entry immigration programme in 2015.

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — In the three-and-a-half years since Canada introduced its Express Entry immigration application system, close to 1,500 Jamaicans have left the island’s shores for that North American country, with the number expected to increase in the face of subsequent changes to the qualifying criteria.

The Government’s immigration department, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), told the Jamaica Observer that 1,470 Jamaicans became permanent residents under Express Entry from January 2015, when it was launched, to May 2018.

The figure is just shy of one per cent of the global total for the same period — a sum of 155,000.

Canada describes Express Entry as its flagship application management system for key economic immigration programmes — the Federal Skilled Worker, the Federal Skilled Trades, and the Canadian Experience Class programmes, as well as a portion of the Provincial Nominee programme. It evaluates candidates’ suitability for immigration according to their potential to contribute to the Canadian economy, and awards points for criteria such as level of education attained, proficiency in either English or French, or both, and a previous job offer. Scores are awarded and candidates ranked against each other in the pool of entrants at the time they are invited to apply.

IRCC was unable to say how many Jamaican citizens are currently in the pool of applicants because, as Communications Advisor Carl Beauchamp explains it, “the Express Entry pool is always open to the submission of new profiles and IRCC conducts frequent rounds of invitations to apply”.

The first Jamaican to be granted Canadian permanent resident status under Express Entry was former Greeen Island, Hanover resident Andrea Paisley, who immigrated with her twin boys Jordan and Jaeden in July 2015. An auditor with an MBA, Paisley did not have a previous job offer in Canada; and her Comprehensive Ranking System score was 462.

It took her more than three months to land a job in her field, Paisley told the Jamaica Observer from her Toronto home last week. During that time, she said, she survived on savings, money IRCC requires that immigrants have available at the time of applying.

“The wait was worth it, though, as I got a job in that field in a reputable and widely known company in Canada,” she said.

Paisley explained that she stayed with relatives for about three weeks while she searched for a place to rent.

“I rented and moved into a condo in August 2015,” she said, adding, “I still live in that condo. I purchased it from the owner in December 2016.”

She reported that the family has adapted well to the changes in climate, the culture, and to the school; and work environments. Her sons are doing well in school; are engaged in multiple extra-curricular activities in school, church and the neighbourhood; and have made new friends.

“They really love it here,” Paisley said.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to migrate to Canada as we (my sons and I) have been exposed to a lot more opportunities, and our lives and experiences are better because of those opportunities.

“I have absolutely no regrets about my decision to migrate especially when I see how happy, comfortable and engaged my sons are. God has been really good to us, as always. Our blessings have multiplied since I took the step of faith and made the decision to migrate with no job offer and two children, as well as myself to support,” said Paisley.

If Paisley were applying today, she would perhaps have earned more points since IRCC revised the Express Entry point structures in November 2016 and June 2017, hoping to attract more people. It reduced the number of points awarded for previous job offers from 600 to 50 points, increased the number awarded for certain candidates already in Canada, and introduced points for studying in Canada. It has also increased the number of points awarded to candidates with siblings in Canada and to those with strong French skills. It has, however, rolled back a lengthening of the time period allowed for candidates to complete their application after receiving an invitation to apply, from 90 to 60 days.

“[These changes] mean Canada will now welcome more highly skilled candidates whose skills and experience will help support and grow our economy,” the department said in an archived statement on its website where the changes were announced.

With the changes, IRCC is planning to attract 74,900 new permanent residents through Express Entry in 2018; 81,400 in 2019; and 85,800 in 2020. By comparison, it admitted 65,401 applicants from around the world in 2017 alone.

And that’s just a piece of the pie. When Express Entry is combined with Canada’s other immigration categories — Family; Refugees and Protected Persons; and Humanitarian and other — the North American country expects to welcome 310,000 new permanent residents in 2018; 330,000 in 2019; and 340,000 in 2020.


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    All the information you need is on this site (forum), good luck!


  2. I need to utilize this program the way the government running this country.Cost of living has been rising yet salaries are stagnant


    • The government is running the country like its people, if that is how you see it. Anyway, run off and help enrich the white people. They made their country attractive to you while you made your country undesirable for them. But don't worry, the little scraps of income they give you you can send just enough home to keep the country just stable enough for land to be relatively cheap for them to buy up. Then you will wonder why you have no land to call your own.

      In South Africa, black people are more than 90% of the country but they own less than 4% of privately held land.

      China is moving all their labour intensive operations to Africa. We laugh at China today, you praise Canada today but Africa is going to overtake China to be the most populous area in the world by 2030. The back-breaking work that the Chinese do today will be done exclusively by black people.

      Have your fun, black people see their children, not as their future but as their insurance policy so I'm wasting my time telling you that our children have a bleak future.


        • Rubbish. If you read between the lines every word that person wrote is the truth. We will go and build their country and then be ill treated. The government's of all black countries need to do more for their people.


        • I'm not denigrating black people. This is the level of discussion that was taking place during the civil rights movement, the level of questioning that was directed at Martin Luther King Jr. and the level of discussion we should be having as black people instead of debating whether Serena Williams being banned from wearing a catsuit to the French Open is racist, whether white male officers shooting clearly unruly black people is some how racist and an abuse of power. The recent case involving Botham Jean is an exception to that.

          A lot of people who echo these sentiments are quickly reprimanded and branded as racists which is why as black people we are struggling to find real solutions to the real issues we face. What is happening in South Africa to white farmers as a result of the black leadership there being unable to shape properly thought out policies because of the weak level of debate surrounding white and black equality is dismaying. Katie Hopkins is branded a racist for pointing out the glaring problems of multiculturalism.

          One thing I find interesting about white people and a trait that I feel is responsible for their economic dominance in the world is their ability to encourage and take criticism and then improve on their failings. White people are soft when it comes to criticising minorities or anyone who they see as having been exploited by their past crusades. But if a white person does something bad, white people are their own harshest critics. As an example, black on black crime does not get much attention despite it being responsible for more murders of black people than cops killing black people. Even in the stories about cops killing blacks the statistics are rarely brought up to show black people, disproportionately, have a higher rate of incarceration in the US despite being a minority group. This can be seen as institutional racism where the mostly white police force are targeting blacks. However, when a nobody white man kills a nobody black girl, all of a sudden, white people are condemning the white man. An entire media spectacle is made of it. No institutional racism here, this isn't a cop. This is just some guy who fits the description of a thug but because he was white, and he killed a black. Widespread condemnation. This serves the purpose of white people keeping themselves in check and developing the social consciousness that keeps them dominant. I'm referring to the murder of Nia Wilson that got so much attention even celebrities, such as Anne Hathaway, were being asked for comment on the matter. So many black on black unprovoked killings but one white thug kills a black and it's a media spectacle on how terrible white people are and how they should do better. It's not the blacks fault for killing each other but it's all the whites fault when they kill. That attitude only makes the white man stronger because they are willing to acknowledge the chink in their armour and then do the repairs. In other words you must first acknowledge your shortcomings before you can deal with the problem.

          I have a lot more I want to say, especially regarding the historical origins of white dominance today, and how they were once quite possibly oppressed by black people but they were then able to lick their wounds and turn the tables and it's been smooth sailing for millennia but this comment has gotten way too long so I'll save it for another time.


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