Jamaican woman survives stage four ovarian cancer

Jamaican woman survives stage four ovarian cancer
Keesa Peart

(JAMAICA STAR) — In May 2019, after a series of tests following countless health complications, Keesa Peart, Jamaican gospel artiste, found out that she had ovarian cancer.

The cancer then worsened and progressed to stage four and spread to her navel. The 43-year-old credits the work of God for her recovery six months later, after undergoing six treatments of chemotherapy in the US.

“When the doctor told me, I was okay. When he told me that it was cancer, I said okay. After the doctor left the room, I said to my sister ‘this is war!’ I’m talking about spiritual warfare. I saw this as a test. I saw where God allowed the enemy to touch my body. It was for a reason,” Peart told THE WEEKEND STAR. “I never felt sorry for myself. My faith has grown. Thank God for prayer warriors, my husband, church family, family and friends.”

Before she found out about the cancer, she sought treatment for various other illnesses she thought were causing her ailments.

“I had other issues prior to this cancer. I was experiencing polycystic ovary, fibroids, excessive bleeding and painful menstruation. I had no appetite and one of the times, I was even anaemic. Doctors continued to do tests until they found out that it was the cancer,” she said. Peart said her road to recovery was a rather bumpy one.

“I used to have itches all over my body. There was just numbness in my fingers and toes. My shoes couldn’t even fit me each time I did the treatment. The chemo is deadly,” she said.

“The process was hard. Financially, I had to show proof of payment. I never had insurance. I was in the US at the time and I was considered to be a visitor. God had to step in on my behalf because I had the surgery in the US without paying a dime up front.” The road to recovery also wasn’t free. It plunged her into financial burden, and her hospital bill was approximately US$54,000. Four weeks after the surgery, she had to do chemotherapy and each session lasted four and a half hours.

“It was very challenging. The chemo was US$3,200 per cycle. I had to do six cycles. The doctor said the cancer was malignant … it was spreading very fast. I had to do the chemo to burn out any cancer cell that might remain. I had to sit in a chair for that long while the drugs were administrated into my veins. I had to do that every three weeks,” she said.

But it was all worth it when her doctor uttered the words: “You made it! You are cancer free!”

“That’s the time I shouted the highest praise! I started to cry knowing that I went through all of that,” she said.

She has since released a book My healing stage four cancer journey, detailing her trials. Peart is also using the book to help other cancer patients.

“For every 100 copies sold, I will make a donation to someone with cancer or someone going through chemo,” she said.


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