Jamaican senators shocked by killing of pastor inside church

Jamaican senators shocked by killing of pastor inside church
Johnson Smith
Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith

(JAMAICA GLEANER) — Government Senator Kamina Johnson Smith says the brazen killing of Pastor James Johnson inside his St Catherine church yesterday afternoon is a clear sign that criminals no longer subscribe to the unwritten code that violence against some vulnerable groups and in some places are off limits.

“We understand, anecdotally, that there are rules among gunmen that babies, the elderly and the church were sacrosanct,” Johnson Smith said.

But, Johnson Smith, who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Leader of Government Business in the Senate, said, “it seems those rules don’t exist anymore.”

She was speaking this morning as the Senate began debating an extension of the State of Public Emergency in the St Catherine North Police Division for another three months.

The House of Representatives approved the extension on Tuesday.

According to the police, pastor Johnson, 29, was shot several times shortly after he arrived at his church located on Old Harbour Road, an area covered by the state of public emergency in the St Catherine North police division.

Johnson Smith described the clergyman as someone who loved life and was full of energy.

Opposition Senator Damion Crawford said he knew Johnson personally.

In urging her colleagues to support the extension of the anti-crime measure, Johnson Smith revealed that murders and shootings have declined significantly in the 160 days since the state of public emergency was first imposed.

To support this assertion, she said the police recorded 27 murders and 22 shootings since the state of public emergency was imposed compared with 82 murders and 72 shootings in the 160 days prior to the anti-crime initiative.

Overall, she said murders are down 21 per cent and shootings have declined 35 per cent when compared with the corresponding period last year.


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  1. Biggest lie in this article is that Jamaicans are shocked by this. Worse things have and continue to happen in Jamaica on a daily basis. Pastors have been killed while organising peace rallies in Jamaica. The country has too many black people with not enough of a reality check, begin to understand our shortcomings as black people and then you can fix the country.


  2. He is involve in some crap. Someone just don't go in a church of all places to kill someone there must have been some deep hatred going on or it's a hit so that would bring the question back to what are you mix up in. These men in robes these day you never know.


      • My condolences to the family but senator Johnson Smith every day is a killing in Jamaica you all need to come off your ads and clean up the country too much people are suffering the old people and young children bring back hanging out there young men or women into the military create training programme for these your people you all jydtcsittibg there talking crap put up cctv camera in the fourteen parish of Jamaica change all the road light together to be brighter for God safe enough is enough these perverts need to shackle and put out to clean the gutters I don't care if crocodile are there even those who take a life let the crocodile eat them they must leave society there's too much corruption in the government and police sochow the hell do you expect the country to run properly


    • A black man doesn't need a deep reason to kill another black man. Gang wars have been started over a dispute about a gold chain that continues for generations long after the original instigators have forgotten the feud. Why? Because black people don't read so they repeat their history over and over again.

      You need more evidence? Zimbabwe thought it was a great idea to take lands away from white farmers to give to blacks to help balance out wealth inequality. That lead to the economy tanking, hyperinflation and 90% of the country being unemployed because the blacks didn't know what to do to make the land productive. South Africa thinks that is a great economic model and has decided to start taking away white-owned farmlands to give to blacks. Agricultural production is down and a small recession has already begun in South Africa.

      Black people treat each other like animals because we can't talk to each other like people.


      • you are a WHITE person ;don't pretend to be otherwise!!!! the reason why zibabwe failed because of the sanctions that your white(in fact red) brothers imposed on the country for chasing out you theives!! Since you control the banks ect it is difficult for a country to prosper when under sanctions...if the black farmers continued to benifit from the same loans of the white farmers things would have turned out different..and even if they failed with all the perfect conditions this don't mean that your theory of white supremacy is right..You white people have been fueling hate and war between black for THOUSANDS of years to your benifit so it will take some time to restore the black man to the true knoledge of himself!!!!! free south africa!!!!!!!!


        • This is the same irrationality that is fuelling the insane economic policies in South Africa right now. Nelson Mandela would be turning over in his grave seeing how much worse the country is doing under black leadership than when it was under white rule. I'm not advocating for white supremacy, I'm merely trying to get us to take a big dose of humility and have us get a reality check. We are not going to start becoming prosperous if we keep blaming white bogeymen for our problems and ignore how poorly we are treating each other as black people.

          Now to address your central point, Cuba did quite well despite economic sanctions. Zimbabwe crippled its agricultural sector. No amount of outside political pressure could have influenced the fact that the black people that were suddenly given all these lands did not know how to grow a crop on the land. Food security is something a country has complete control over with very little outside political forces can do about it.

          I can't believe you would just sit there and somehow attribute white people to the failure of Zimbabwe. This kind of blame-everyone-but-yourself-for-failing mentality has to stop. The white people don't blame other races when they fail. You think ancient Rome would have risen to become the greatest empire in the world if they just blamed the Gauls for raiding their city? No. When they were invaded and beaten, the white people of Rome licked their wounds, counted their losses, bided their time and unleashed a force on the world that created the prosperity of the Western World as we know it today.

          And Africa is still screwing around, repeating the same mistakes, over and over. Because black people don't read their history. They don't read books. And neither do you because you typed all that out you have yet to present one supporting historical context to what you are saying. Just spewing some Illuminati crap because black people love their conspiracy theories. Then you tell me I'm spouting theory, everything I have said here is based on historical context.


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