Jamaican man hails healing power of herbs, walking again after being hobbled for 12 years

Jamaican man hails healing power of herbs, walking again after being hobbled for 12 years

(JAMAICA STAR) — For 12 years, 67-year-old Roy Barnes says that he was unable to walk freely.

He visited countless doctors across Jamaica, who gave him no hope that he would be able to stand without pain, let alone walk around without any form of support. But now Barnes says he has been ‘healed’ by herbs.

Barnes said he started combining and boiling multiple herbs by 2015 – that’s when he started to improve.

“Me boil guinea hen weed, moringa, cerasee bush, medina, macka. Me add weed, scallion, onion, thyme, garlic, ginger and nuff more. Me use wood fire and it take me round 40 minutes,” he said. “It have a very awful smell. Yuh affi have strength fi drink it. A three to four ounce me drink two time a day. After two weeks, the foot start go down and me nuh feel no pain. Me coulda even put on me pants and before that, me wife a fi help me take off me brief.”

Roy Barnes

Barnes who is from White River, St Ann, said that at his worst, his left leg was completely swollen.

“When me try fi walk it pain me! Me couldn’t move. Me couldn’t walk fi 12 years … and me couldn’t sleep! A bare pain me go through,” Barnes told THE STAR. “Me did a fi get a crutch and me slow… me a fi a draw me self. Me couldn’t make it to the bed … me a fi sleep pon the ground.”


Frustratedly, he drew the line on conventional medicine when doctors told him that his best bet was to amputate the left foot.

“I remember when me go KPH (Kingston Public Hospital) and me talk to some doctors and dem carry me in a one X-ray room. Den one a di doctor come to me and tell me seh me a fi go call somebody fi come sign papers fi me, because dem a fi amputate me foot,” Barnes recalled. “I tell dem some bad word. Worse me did worried.”

A friend suggested using herbs and Barnes also asked advice of Dr Jephthah Ford.

“These (herbs) are the things that have been working for years … that’s the traditional medicine. I told him to try the herbs by all means because he had nothing to lose. He came to me and he had a secondary inflammation of the nerves on his lower leg and I told him to go ahead and mix up some herbs, and try what he wanted to try,” Ford told THE STAR.

Barnes said that the night when he was finally able to walk again, “Me did more dan glad”.

“Bush a di best medicine in a the world! Right now me can run! Me neva use nuh crutch and me foot dem feel good. From deh suh, me nuh stop drink bush. All now me a drink bush,” he said.

When contacted about Barnes’ herbal recovery, Dr Millicent Broderick, medical doctor, said “I can’t say anything on that. It is above me. I have never heard of that. I know about divine healing, but not the bush remedies.”


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