Jamaican entertainer LA Lewis wants obeah workers to be certified

Jamaican entertainer LA Lewis wants obeah workers to be certified

(JAMAICA STAR) — Dancehall artiste LA Lewis said he is in agreement with Justice Minister Delroy Chuck that obeah should be legalised.

Speaking in Parliament last Wednesday, Chuck said that he instructed the Legal Reform Department to craft another submission, for him to take to Cabinet to have the 1898 Obeah Act repealed.

“Obeah fi legalise long time because it is part of the black people heritage and part of the Jamaican heritage. We, as Jamaicans, have the power and the law is against our own power. My great, great, great grandparents were obeah people and me is a obeah man myself, but mi use my powers fi promote people and promote businesses,” LA Lewis said.

However, he believes that if obeah is legalised, persons should earn certificates before they are allowed to practise the craft.

“If you a obeah man, you affi work at least one magic before you can get a certificate. Dem affi can read up people to before you can seh you a obeah man,” he said.

Dr Love, an entertainer, agrees with LA Lewis.

“It is a tricky situation because people ago abuse the system and everybody ago wah be obeah man. There are a total of nine legit obeah people in Jamaica, and out of that, you have two heads. If they are going to legalise obeah, they need to bring those who are legit and know the work to the front line and highlight them, under no charge, so they would be the ones that are certified.

He said that persons who want to become obeah workers should be schooled in the craft before being allowed to practise.

“They need to go to classes and get their blessings in Suriname before they can practise in Jamaica,” Dr Love said.


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