Jamaican bishop insists raising the dead “is possible”

Jamaican bishop insists raising the dead “is possible”
Bishop Edwards
Bishop Edwards

(JAMAICA STAR) — The idea of raising the dead might seem strange, but it is not impossible, according to gospel minister Bishop Rowan Edwards.

The ‘Man of God’ was speaking in relation to the controversial video in which South African Alleluia Ministries pastor Alph Lukau claimed to have performed a ‘Lazarus act’ on a man that allegedly died days before.

Edwards told THE WEEKEND STAR that while he doesn’t believe Lukau was able to pray life back into the man, he does not think the minister did the ‘act’ for bragging rights.

The funeral directors, as well as other concerned parties, believes that Pastor Lukau staged the incident

“After I read the statements from the funeral home and the comments, it is safe to say that I don’t know if the pastor was tricked because he hasn’t said much at all. I would give this pastor the benefit of the doubt because he has a powerful ministry. The guy is rotten rich and wouldn’t have a reason to come up with a hoax,” Edwards said.

“Based on the report that is coming from the media, he didn’t raise the dead, but at the same time I doubt it was a hoax. I believe, though, that before he made the announcement about the raising of the dead, he should have consulted the various funeral homes before to find out if this man was indeed dead.”


In the highly publicised footage, the ‘dead’ man is seen lying in the coffin as the pastor speaks in tongues. He then invites the congregation to pray with him as he waves his hand over the coffin.

After being still for quite some time, the man suddenly sits up when Lukau lays his hand on him.

The man then looks around as though astounded by what has happened, while his family and other members of the crowd cried and shouted: ‘Jesus’.

With the video going viral, many have blasted the pastor and even Christianity, stating that the entire thing was merely a publicity stunt, and that it is impossible to raise anyone from the dead.

However, according to Edwards, based on biblical teachings, several persons have been raised from the dead.

“Several other South African preachers, including Rainard Bonkke, have performed lots of miracles, including raising the dead. I have prayed and saw crippled people walk and the blind see. I have also seen cancer patients being delivered over and over again. While I have not raised any dead or seen it happen in Jamaica, I know it is possible,” he said.

Lukau has a following and fan base of millions from across the world, including Jamaica.

Among them is Angella, a St Mary resident, who says everyone in her community tunes in to his programmes on YouTube.

“All people inna my church, when it start, dem a call and a seh: ‘Angella, him live now’. I believe in it, because it’s not just that miracle alone I see dat man work. I see dat man work miracle upon miracle. People go deh deaf, dumb, cripple, blind. Mi see dat man heal more than 50 people a day wid AIDS and cancer weh come back come share dem testimony. A one a di best prophet God put pon di face a di land. And Jesus can give him power here on the face a di Earth fi raise di dead,” she said.

Although she attends church in Jamaica, Angella admits that she has never seen her pastor perform such miracles.

“My church a lively church, a bashment church, but no healing nuh gwaan there. But yaa fi remember God give people different gifts. Fi mi church have Holy Ghost people weh speak inna tongues and so, but mi wah go deeper than dat. Mi want healing. Mi wah go down deh (Africa), mi have pain inna mi body. And mi wah go down deh go stand inna di gap fi mi madda. She have memory loss,” Angella said.


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