JAMAICA:18-year-old severs head of grandmother

JAMAICA:18-year-old severs head of grandmother

JAMAICA – The police in Westmoreland are now investigating the circumstances in which Phyllis Watson-Turner was savagely killed in a community located in Westmoreland this morning.

It is understood that the headless body of the woman was found on the verandah by members of her family, who went to pay her a visit sometime after 5 am. The woman’s head was found inside a section of the house.

According to a RJR News report, the elderly woman was in the island to conduct preparations for the funeral of her son who died in a recent motor vehicle accident.

The accused man who is said to be her grandson 18-year-old Kevin Turner was found some metres away from the house by a resident, with his clothes bloodied and when questioned on the reason his clothes were in that condition, he reportedly stated that he had killed some fowls.

The 18-year-old man is said to have returned to the house and sat among his relatives, who then summoned the Police to the scene.

Kevin Turner was then taken into custody.


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  1. Such heartless monster. I have plenty of rope if anybody needs it, and I know the proper traditional ways a noose is tied.I always say evil exists and when found should be eradicated.


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