Jamaica: Woman says pastor set “bloodsucking demons” on her family

Jamaica: Woman says pastor set “bloodsucking demons” on her family

(JAMAICA STAR) — A woman in western Jamaica said she and her family are lucky to be alive, after the pastor of a church they used to attend possessed them with “bloodsucking demons”.

She told THE STAR that during service one Sunday morning, the pastor repeatedly hit her in the head, allegedly to cast out demons.

“Di demons dem wudda kill mi, an if mi neva grab mi husband and mi pickney dem an run from the church, right now mi wudda mad,” she said.

The 50-year-old woman said that she now suffers from constant head pain, blackouts, and partial blindness. She said that she and her family started to visit the church in 2015.


“Di church a straight cult. When yuh go deh, yuh haffe tell the pastor yuh past life story, an den wha him do is use all kinda old pan on yuh head, and nuh stop slap yuh inna yuh head, bout him a run out demons,” she said. “But from di day him lick mi inna mi head, mi life change fi di worse. Mi start hear voice inna mi head, mi start get sick, an is like mi a mad out. Mi caa do nutting sensible again.”

She further stated that since fleeing the church, her entire household has been affected by bloodsucking demons.

“Dem (her family) neva believe mi, until di demons dem start haunt dem, and start destroy dem life too. So all a dem haffe run lef the church, or else dem wudda mad. Right yah now mi a talk to yuh, mi sick. Is like the demon a try mad mi out, an mi haffe a go a doctor,” she said. “Di pastor fi di church a practise wid strong evil powers. All him want a money, an more money, an den him anoint yuh wid him special oil, an lick yuh inna yuh head. From him do yuh that, yuh tun fool an give him anything wha yuh have.”

The woman said other relatives are ashamed to talk up as they are afraid.

“A nuff a dem di demons a fool round a night-time, but dem fraid fi talk. Mi an fi mi family haffe talk because wi lucky fi get weh from the church, although mi nuh fully get weh from di demons dem, cause mi still a see dem, an dem a gi mi hell inna mi head,” she said.

THE STAR asked several persons in western Jamaica if they were aware of the church and its practices. Dozens said the woman was speaking the truth, as they had also visited the church and experienced the demons.


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