Jamaica: Woman says angry wife put curse on her

Jamaica: Woman says angry wife put curse on her

(JAMAICA STAR) – A woman from western Jamaica who currently calls the US home is convinced that she is the victim of an obeah spell that has disfigured her.

Mary Brown* said the curse was set on her by a Hispanic woman who was jealous of the relationship she shared with the woman’s estranged husband.

“Right now mi mawga and no matter how mi deh eat, mi can’t put on nuh weight. Mi get dark and ugly and mi look different,” said Brown. “I have struggled to keep a job among other things. A part of me is sorry I met him because I am a good person who don’t deserve this.” Brown is now seeking the assistance of a spiritualist to rid her of the curse. Brown, 35, said her misery started months after she met the man who was in the process of divorcing his wife. She told THE STAR that their relationship was going well but things started to go downhill earlier this year. The man has since returned to his wife. Brown, however, believes that he did not do so willingly and is also under a spell.

“One night mi lay down a watch him a sleep and a have sex with himself. One day we go in his car and in there was stink and smell like rotten flesh. We searched everywhere in it and couldn’t find anything but the scent didn’t leave until later in the day. But it only leave the car and transferred to him. He was so stink,” she said.

In addition to getting awful dreams and being threatened by the woman, Brown said she started seeing ghost-like figures in her home.

“One morning mi wake up and mi see a tall figure stand up in the room. I was there staring at it. Mi even blink mi eye cuz mi want to know if it was cloudy, but after that it was still there. It was there until it disappeared,” she said. Brown said she has spent nearly US$3,000 on several spiritualists to rid herself of the curse, but they have all told her the spell is too strong. “I remember sending a picture of the wife to a woman and when she got the picture, I hear her scream and the phone line went silent for a couple of minutes. Mi get frighten and start wonder if a sumpn outta di picture on her, cuz memba, mi nuh know bout dem tings here. Afterward mi hear she say the woman soul black,” Brown said.

She said that others told her that they were unable to assist because her attacker was a Satanist, and their powers are not strong enough to battle the devil.

“Right now I just want someone to help me. I am suffering. He is back with his wife but for some reason, she still feels threatened by me. It wasn’t like I went into the relationship while they were together or anything. I just want back my normal life,” said Brown.



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