Jamaica: Woman accuses father-in-law of obeah

Jamaica: Woman accuses father-in-law of obeah

(JAMAICA STAR) —  Lisa* thought that moving in with her babyfather would make life easier but, since doing so, she feels as though her father-in-law has been using witchcraft to get her out.

“Me a sleep enuh and feel like something a crawl pon me face. Me feel it fi a good while and jus a brush off me face every minute. But when me do wake up, nuh the man dat me see ova me a chant. Piece a rage fly up inna me and me start wild him up and a seh a wah dis?” she told THE STAR.

She said that the incident happened on a Saturday afternoon while the baby’s father was at his welding shop and their one-year-old daughter was on the bed beside her.

“The man a go tek me fi idiot and a go tell me seh a song him a sing. Me wah know why him haffi a sing inna my face … me tell him go sing fi him son cause me nuh short a nothing” she said.

But Lisa said that she also caught the elder taking under garments from her drawer.

“Me not even nyam from him cause me nuh trust him. A bout a month now since me ketch di man inna me dresser. Me neva inna the house, but me live near the school weh me teach. So me run come over fi something and see him dung inna me draw. Him have two a me brassiere inna him hand. When him see me hear him, “a yours dem yah?” If a nuh mine a who fah? Him and him son mussi a wear brassiere,” she said.

Underlining her suspicions, she said that a ‘reader woman’ told her that “me father in law a guzzu me … him a evil”.

“Me couldn’t believe but right now me fraid inna the house. Him eva a cuss bout me mash up him son life and a stop him son progress cause me give him son baby and a distract him. Is a hard man fi deal wid … him cuss day in and day out,” she said.

She admitted that she hasn’t told her boyfriend about the obeah suspicions, but has told him about the numerous times his father has confronted her harshly.

“Me nuh know weh fi tell him seh, but me haffi go tell him soon cause me really uncomfortable. When me complain to him and tell him seh di man a tek set pon me and eva a look argument, him a seh me must just avoid him, cause a just so him miserable.”

*name changed


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