Jamaica: Woman accused of killing baby father with help from her other baby father

Jamaica: Woman accused of killing baby father with help from her other baby father

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A woman accused of luring her baby father to a motel in Kingston, where she and the father of another of her children allegedly stabbed and chopped him to death last June, was remanded on Thursday when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Nikeisha Robinson is facing a charge of murder in relation to the gruesome murder of Patrick Hazel whose body was found cut in two inside the bathroom of a room she is said to have booked.

According to the police report, on June 16, at 8:30 am, the complainant and her co-accused checked into the hotel on Gretna Green Avenue in Kingston 11.

It is further alleged that sometime after 2:00 pm Robinson lured Hazel to the hotel where she and her alleged accomplice stabbed and chopped him to death.

It is also alleged that while the victim was being attacked hotel workers heard cries of “murder” coming from the room and went to check, but were allegedly told by Robinson that they were just playing.

The report also said that Robinson’s accomplice went to the door without a shirt, corroborated her story and said that they tore off his shirt.

Later, Robinson and her accomplice left the hotel.

The following day a janitor went inside the bathroom of the room that Robinson had booked and found Hazel’s body with multiple chop and stab wounds.

On June 21, Robinson was taken into custody and placed on an identification parade where she was positively identified before she was charged. Police are, however, yet to arrest her accomplice as he is still on the run.

On Thursday when she appeared in court, the matter was scheduled for an April 6 hearing in the Committal Court and Robinson was remanded.

Attorney Cristal Brown is representing the accused.


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  1. who in their right mind know jamaica and belive that hearing murder is playing. sounds like the hotel knew darn well what was going on, but did not want to get involved. poor guy. demented mother. she did not even care to think how her own child would have felt that she did that to her own father. sick bitch.


  2. Lost two baby fathers with one blow. The kids are deprived of a proper life big time. Makes no sense.


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