Jamaica: Winds destroy roadside ‘school’, students escape injury

Jamaica: Winds destroy roadside ‘school’, students escape injury
The remains of the old shop that was being used as a roadside classroom.

(JAMAICA GLEANER) — The old shop by the roadside in Huddersfield, St Mary, that Beverley Dressikie uses as classroom for her two daughters has been destroyed by winds associated with Hurricane Zeta whose outer bands affected the island recently.

Dressikie’s children were using the building on Monday when it collapsed, but they escaped injury.

They have been using the space since last week as it is located closer to Wi-Fi service which they access from a house across the road.

Now Dressikie is appealing for help to reconstruct the building and to restart a business there and allow her children easier access to the Wi-Fi service.

Dressikie told The Gleaner that the children were at home doing schoolwork but were unable to access Internet from there.

“Dem outside, but not down there. Where they are, the service don’t pick up so good like when them down by the shop. I really need the help to put it back up and get some things to sell,” she said.

Dressikie is a registered craft trader who used to sell her items two days per week at a hotel, but since March, with the advent of COVID-19 and closure of the hotel, she has been unable to earn an income.

Last week she told The Gleaner that she sometimes sells hand sanitisers and other small items at the old shop. With the structure down now, even that little source of income is gone. Additionally, she lamented that she never benefited from the Government’s $10,000 relief package.

Dressikie said if she could get help to rebuild the shop and get some amount of stock in it, then that would put her in a much better position. She may be contacted at 876-503-7823.


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