Jamaica: Utility customers get over $147 m for service breaches in 2019

Jamaica: Utility customers get over $147 m for service breaches in 2019

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Utility companies paid out over $147 million to customers for breaches of service standards in 2019.

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) said the combined payout for breaches of the guaranteed standards by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS), the National Water Commission (NWC) and other utilities’ providers totalled approximately $147.5 million in 2019.

According to the OUR, the JPS accounted for most of the breaches in 2019 with a reported 68,249 breaches.

This, the OUR said, represented a five per cent reduction compared with those committed in 2018.

Compensation associated with these breaches was approximately $142.5 million all of which was paid out through automatic compensation.

During 2019, the NWC reported a total of 2,096 breaches which attracted potential compensation of approximately $7.2 million. Actual payments, however, amounted to approximately $2.2 million representing 31 per cent of total potential compensation.

The remaining 69 per cent was not paid as the required claim forms were not submitted. The number of breaches committed by the NWC in 2019 represents a two per cent reduction over 2018, the OUR noted.

The OUR said the information was reported in its Quarterly Performance Report for the fourth quarter, 2019 October – 2019 December.


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