Jamaica to reward Olympic athletes with $millions

Jamaica to reward Olympic athletes with $millions
Usaint Bolt
Usaint Bolt

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Jamaican government, according to a CVM TV report, will be dishing out millions of dollars to its Olympic athletes next month.

According to the report, JA$1million will be paid for every individual gold medal, JA$600,000 for silver and JA$450,000 for bronze, other athletes who got right down to 7th place in finals, will also take home money.

It was also said that $350,000 would be paid for just making a final and even if you did not make a final, $200,000 will be given to athletes just to make the team.

For the relays, $3 million  be shared for the men’s 4x100m world record breaking team while $2.4 million would go to the ladies 4x100m for second and $1.8 million to the women’s 4x400m for third.

Usain Bolt, who defended both 100m and 200m titles, then anchored Jamaica to gold in the men’s 4x100m, would be entitled to over $2.5million while Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who defended her 100m title, took silver in the 200m and helped Jamaica to silver in the 4x100m, should get about $2 million.

Yohan Blake, the silver medal winner in both the 100 and 200 meters and who was a part of the 4x100m team, should get about $1.6 million

Fourteen of the 47 athletes reached finals at the London Olympics.


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