Jamaica to host International Bamboo Symposium

Jamaica to host International Bamboo Symposium

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Jamaica will be hosting the first Caribbean International Bamboo Symposium in November.

Minister of Education, Youth and Information Senator Ruel Reid told this week’s post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House that Cabinet gave approval for Jamaica’s hosting of the symposium at its meeting on Monday.

The event is scheduled for November 27-28 at the Jamaica Conference Centre.

Senator Reid noted that bamboo has not only become one of the world’s fastest-growing plants and a rapidly renewing source of fibre, but is also recognised as a multi-purpose non-timber forest resource which is observed as supportive of value chains across the world worth approximately US$60 million per year.

He also pointed out that Jamaica and Suriname are members of the International Network for Bamboo Rattan (INBAR), an inter-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting the benefits to users and producers of bamboo and rattan within the context of a sustainable resource base.

“This was noted as key determinants in the region being selected to host the international symposium,” Reid stated.

He said that Cabinet also took note that Jamaica became chair of the INBAR Council of 43 member states in 2015, and subsequently, under Jamaica’s leadership, INBAR began formulating a proposal to host the regional symposium to initiate a region-wide programme for bamboo in the Caribbean.

“This is noted as a timely meeting to explore packaging means, especially in light of recent conversations to ban styrofoam and plastic,” Senator Reid concluded.



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