Jamaica: Thief uses obeah to escape police – Said he is invisible to lawmen

Jamaica: Thief uses obeah to escape police – Said he is invisible to lawmen

(JAMAICA STAR) – At least one criminal is giving his ‘mada woman’ credit for helping him escape the authorities.

“Before me touch the road a day and night time, me use to visit a mada woman and me strip down naked, in front a har and get me bath dem. When she dun bathe me down, she rub me down with her oil dem, and grease up me palm. Is like me can’t bruk,” said Jimmy*.

The Kingston man, who is in his late 20s, said that he turned to a life of crime after his father was robbed and killed.

Though he has been in jail, Jimmy said he has never been convicted.

He said that it was after being held on robbery charges, another inmate told him about a woman who could bring him some luck and prevent him from being caught by the police.

“Him never visit her yet so when me touch road both a we link her up. She read some Psalms and rub some lucky oil pon we and from deh so me just a bingo. Nah go say me no get hold, enuh, but me always a buss the case dem,” he said.


Jimmy gave chilling details of how he rides around on his motorcycle and preys on innocent victims, robbing them of cash and other valuables. Sometimes, even gun butting them whenever they put up resistance.

He even boasted about his ability to elude the police even when a way out seemed impossible.

“She (the obeah woman) give me all a ring and it’s like it make me invisible. Nuff time me see police a look for me and dem step right pass me. More time me deh pon a ends and a vibes just say, me fi leave and as me lef a bare feds pass thru,” he said.

“More time me see some people a wonder how me buss offa some case because dem know me guilty, but when me oil up and pray and go before the judge a different ting, enuh. Most time when she a gi me di bath dem she give the name of the police dem to step pon and trample under mi feet, like wat the Psalm say and me good when me go court,” he added.

Jimmy said his family is aware of his activities and stated that his mother often purchases the oils. He said not even his girlfriend discourages him from stealing.

“Me try look work but me can’t get any, and $6,000 a week can’t take care a my family. Me just a do what me a do until God carry me home. Me don’t know if a the obeah ting but it’s like me no fear death,” he said.

*Name changed


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  1. smdh the same way you can ask the obeah woman to do these things why didnt you ask her for you to get a good job and stay in it smdh .
    this is why people dont pray or go to god anymore cause the devil giving them things fast but one day you will take plock


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