Jamaica: Teenaged girl gets two years for robbery with a knife

Jamaica: Teenaged girl gets two years for robbery with a knife

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A teenaged girl who held up another young woman with a knife and robbed her of a phone, bank cards and $200, after hugging her, was last week slapped with a two-year prison sentence.

Eighteen-year-old Kadie Henry, of Trench Town in Kingston, was sentenced by Parish Judge Vaughn Smith after pleading guilty to simple larceny and possession of an offensive weapon in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

The clerk of the court, in outlining the facts of the case, said that on March 4, 2018 at 5:15 am, the complainant was going across St Thomas Boulevard in east Kingston to catch a cab to go to work when Henry, who was among a group of mainly boys, accosted her.

Henry then pulled a knife at the complainant and stole her ZTE phone, valued at $7,000; her bank cards; and $200 before walking off and rejoining her friends.

The complainant reported the matter to the police who caught and took her into custody.

On Friday, before Henry was sentenced, the judge asked the complainant to tell her what happened. She said that she was crossing the road when she saw the group and overheard one of the boys asking, “Who is that girl?”

“When I stop, she (Henry) approached me with a hug. I was so frighten I pushed her off and she back out a knife. She say, ‘gimme what you have,’ and she saw me with a phone and she said, ‘Mi want this’ and take it and walk off,” the complainant recalled.

However, she said Henry quickly turned back and asked, “By the way you have any money’ and placed her hand inside my shirt pocket and took out $100 and my bank cards. I don’t know if when she look in the card holder she saw another $100.”

The judge then asked the complainant about the ages of the boys who were with Henry. She said she was not sure, but that she learnt that two of them were 14, and that there was also another girl in the group.

Henry, when asked to comment said: “Me nah go say me neva rob har, mi did it, and I was wrong.”

She also told the judge that she greeted the complainant with a hug but she did not pull a knife at her because she had a scissors, and if she did it would have been a war.

Judge Smith, after listening to Henry, said: “The only thing you have going for you is that you never waste the court’s time.”


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