Jamaica: Teen buried alive on construction site

Jamaica: Teen buried alive on construction site

(JAMAICA STAR) – A teenager who was accidentally buried alive while on a construction site in Granville, St James, last Friday, was pronounced dead after he was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

The deceased has been identified as 19-year-old Novel Robinson, otherwise called ‘Robbie’, labourer of Salt Spring, also in St James.

Reports by the Granville police are that about 3:15 p.m., Robinson was among a group of workers carrying out construction work with WIHCON Construction Company, at the Estuary Housing Scheme in Granville.

Robinson was reportedly cleaning up a section of the site when the earth loosened, and collapsed underneath him.

He fell into the hole and was covered up by a pile of rocks and dirt which caved in on top of him.

Other workers on the construction site raised the alarm, and an attempt was made to remove him.

The rescue team had to take its time to try to remove the debris from the hole without causing further injuries to Robinson.

Robinson was rushed to hospital after being taken from the hole, but was pronounced dead.

One worker who did not wish to give his name told THE STAR that he is still shaken up with the entire incident.

“Mi work pon a lot a construction site and is the first time mi eva see someting like this happen,” he said. “Mi feel it inna every way, fi know seh the youth so young and lose him life just like that. Everybody frighten when the place collapse wid him, but is like we even more frighten when we a try fi dig him up.”

The worker said that he heard of persons dying in strange ways, but did not believe he would live to witness it.


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