Jamaica: Stylist makes wigs for cancer patients

Jamaica: Stylist makes wigs for cancer patients
Tanya Daniels (left) with Natoya Julius, battling non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
Tanya Daniels (left) with Natoya Julius, battling non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

(JAMAICA STAR) — One of the major side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is hair loss and this can cause additional stress to a person who is already faced with battling cancer.

Having seen first-hand the challenges associated with the deadly disease, Tanya Daniels, owner and operator of Urban Chic hair salon, has been making wigs for cancer patients and other persons who suffer from hair loss-related disease for the past several months.

“I was inspired to do this by my dad because he passed away from prostate cancer and I saw first-hand how it changes and breaks down the body. The response has been overwhelming. I have done four wigs so far and they are all human hair. I will meet with each cancer patient that I deal with, and we will discuss the style and take measurement before,” she said.

She stated that the unwanted stares from having a bald head due to the treatment can take a toll on a person’s confidence, and so far, her wigs have been placing captivating smiles on clients’ faces.

“Apart from the hair loss, these persons are really going through a tough situation, especially as it relates to chemotherapy, other treatment and sometimes other stuff with their personal lives; so it can be really challenging. It is really like the best time of my life when I put on a wig installation and see the smile on the face of these persons,” she said, adding that it’s almost like they are different persons.


“They cry tears of joy and their family is always present to see the transformation. I never had anyone who is not pleased with the results of their wigs,” she said. “The most touching experience I had was with my last client. We don’t just do wigs alone but we try to assist financially as well. The last time I got a sponsor through Jungle Fyah, who donated some grocery items.”

Daniels will also be extending her kindness to Carlene Stewart, the woman who was caught on video being bullied on a bus because of a hair loss condition.

Daniels will be offering Stewart a brand new wig.

“I was heartbroken when I saw the video of persons bullying Miss Stewart. I am in the beauty business so I know exactly what a person with hair loss disease like alopecia (what Stewart has) goes through,” she said. “It must be horrible to be embarrassed, especially in a public space like that. This lady was minding her own business and persons chose to torment her. When I saw it, I knew I immediately had to help. My help is not much but I really want to help and donate a wig to her.”

Daniels is also preparing to officially launch her charity called ‘I Am A Survivor’, sometime next year.


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