Jamaica: Security minister condemns killing of babies, mother

Jamaica: Security minister condemns killing of babies, mother

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang is condemning the recent killing of Kashief Jackson and her two infant children in Tower Hill, St Andrew.

“These deaths of a mother, her 23-month-old toddler and seven-day-old infant child are grievous and alarming. I join with the community in rejecting this heartless and brazen act,” Chang said in a statement Friday.

“The deaths go against the fabric of our Jamaican society, and undermines the sanctity of life and the potential of our nation’s youngest and most promising. The JCF will continue to examine the evidence and pursue all leads to bring the perpetrators of this most heinous crime to justice,” Chang added.

The minister said that the government will have to intensify its efforts to address the issue of domestic violence.

He condemned the recent killings of 50-year-old Delroy Turner of Kensington District in St Ann, and the stabbing death of Akeem Wilks at the hands of his brother.

“These indicate the need for greater focus on the prevention of domestic violence. I have determined that a broad policy position must be established for the prevention, intervention, and response mechanism for cases of domestic violence.”

Chang said the Ministry of National Security will seek to engage community groups and non-governmental organisations to execute targeted social programmes geared at changing attitudes toward conflict, the promotion of self-respect and the value of life.

“Greater effort will be placed on initiatives to provide our citizens with tools to help their families and create more peaceful communities,” he said, adding that domestic violence and the devaluation of life is an emerging social crisis which must be dealt with decisively as we work to create a safer society.


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