Jamaica: Security forces discover devil worshipping ‘altars’ — Montague

Jamaica: Security forces discover devil worshipping ‘altars’ — Montague
Robert Montague
Robert Montague

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Security Minister, Robert Montague told Parliament today that in the Government’s crime fighting efforts over the past couple months a number of ‘altars’ to facilitate devil worshipping have been discovered by the security forces in sections of the island.

“Some people are playing with things they know nothing about and open gates they cannot close. Sir, the trend is disturbing and must be stopped.”

Montague said that the discovery of devil worshipping altars is a most dangerous trend and the clergy is also disturbed by the occurrence.

He added that the savagery, the brutality and horrific nature of some crimes point to sacrifices to these evil forces.


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  1. there have some devil worshipers buildings here to on a down low.
    fire burn daddy devil and uncle demon. no wonder so much innocent blood is shared all the time in violence and so much talk promoting these lgbt abominations arising. people worship the devil and bring sacrifices and they opening the way for satan subjects to pass through. more fayah for yall


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