Jamaica: Robber lies about mother being dead after getting caught

Jamaica: Robber lies about mother being dead after getting caught

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — A man who used a manhole cover to knock out a woman’s window grille and broke into her house told police officers after he was caught outside the house with more than a million dollars worth of goods that he did it because his mother was dead and he needed money.

Interestingly, his mother showed up for him in court on Wednesday and was instructed to return with $150,000 which is needed to install the grille and replace the complainant’s window.

But before receiving the instruction from the judge, the prosecutor could not help but ask, “You sure a you a him mother,” sparking laughter from the court.

Nicholas Blake, 24, pleaded guilty to housebreaking and larceny when he appeared before Parish Judge Maxine Ellis, and indicated his willingness to pay for the damage that he had caused.

Blake broke into the house and stole a TV set valued at $150,000, an Apple laptop, kindle, bed sheets, tobacco, and over $300,000 worth of jewellery. However, he was caught after a neighbour saw him and alerted a security company which responded and caught him after chasing him in the yard.

The goods which had been taken out of the house were recovered.

When he was cautioned by the police he said, “Officer mi mada dead and mi waa money that’s why mi do it.”

Ellis, before remanding Blake until November 15, lamented the ongoing problem of housebreaking despite people’s effort to protect themselves.

“No matter what you do you can’t win. People, when it come to their safety do all that is necessary and spend a lot of money and them still rob them,” she said.


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