Jamaica: Police probing disturbing video with student intimidating teacher (see video)

Jamaica: Police probing disturbing video with student intimidating teacher (see video)

(LOOP JAMAICA) — The Constant Spring police say they are carrying out a probe to determine the authenticity of a video that has been circulating on social media showing a student from a popular high school in St Andrew intimidating and literally threatening a teacher at the institution.

The police said they have seen the video, but are not clear on when the incident took place, and as a result, they are reaching out to officials at the institution for clarification.

In the two-minute video, the student is heard telling the teacher that he was not pleased with how she was conducting herself, suggesting that she was acting as if she was better than individuals around her.

“You a drive big van and a live in a big house and waan come yah come gwaan like say you nice. A uno man fi a rob eno, man no fi a rob no nine to five people eno,” said the student, telling the teacher how he has been robbing people for years, and that he felt he should make her one of his victims.

“Me no know how me a kill so much people and naw kill you eno, Mrs …,” said the student to the teacher.

He made the comment while several of his classmates stood around the teacher laughing at the statements being made.

The teacher, meanwhile, stood staring at the student in shock.


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  1. From the clip this suggests to me that this is not the normal class but a unit with students with extreme behavioural issues. This student is behaving like the proverbial class clown with the threat of urban thuggery. If this is indeed the case, the school need to put behavioural policies and security support system in place for its staff. Through social media, students worldwide have access to more deviant behaviour than ever before and schools everywhere much match up their behavioural and security policies to keep students and staff safe including that student. I am concerned but not shocked. This is just a glimpse of some students with behavioural issues.


  2. I got this video from my cousin a former teacher and asked him if it was a sick joke, now it is in news he named a prominent high school ,I am glad to see this investigation,that little cretin needs to be taught lesson.


  3. This young man first of all has no respect at all and he should be dicipline drastically as how he speaks, it is a shame that a young man like this is supposed to leaning academically but in truth he is speaking whatever is in his heart, and respect starts from home so if he has no respect at home how is he gonna be respectful when not at home, and another thing sometimes is the company that we keep show me your friends and tell you who, most of the time this a true statement sometimes because of all peer pressure wanna be like others think they can do and get away with what they but one day whatever is in the dark will come to light, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks another one bites the dust, just don't let him get away with all of this chat if he find the time to chat to say much and to man enough to say it make him be accountable for his action and actions of what he said he had done in the past too, you act like a man so be a man and do the time


  4. When I was going to school I have to respect my teacher, but some of these young youths now a days have no respect for no one, not even their parents, this youth Killer need to be investigated base on his on contradiction .he's a teen Killer and a robber going to school to warn bench ,police please start the investigation right now, please please please


    • I am so surprised that there was not one student to say this animal who appears to be a student you cannot or should talk to your teacher like this is just one of the reasons I couldn’t stay in the profession. This is a cause for concern when there are so many ugly things happening in our world. Life has no value
      May God have mercy and create in his heart a mind a change.


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