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Jamaica: Police arrest woman seen beating child with machete in viral video

By Jamaica Observer

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(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A woman is currently in police custody over a video making the rounds on social media, showing her beating a child with what appears to be a machete.

“Adult seen in video beating a child now in Police custody in St Thomas” the Jamaica Constabulary Force disclosed on Twitter this afternoon.

In the video, the woman, who is seen wearing only panties, can be heard saying “mi tired a oonu”, while gripping the back of a young girl’s garment and hitting her several times with the object.

The child is wailing and at one point is on the ground when the woman finally releases her hold.

The girl then flees from the yard and the woman can be heard uttering expletives.

The JCF said it would provide more information on the incident later.


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  1. Wow land whales are allowed to have machetes now? She is so fat if she walked around in high heels she would strike oil.

  2. She needs the support of the child's father. If fathers would do his part, mom wouldn't get overwhelmed like this. I hope she gets counseling so that her kids don't lose their mother.

    • They need to lose her as their mother. No humsn bring deserves a mother like no matter what her circumstances are. She is evil. Stop making excuses for her.

  3. I can understand she is inbrarus and upset , but to bit her like that, this is not right , epically with a cutlus ,come on mom , it Dont look like u have mother and child relationship, mother's we have to be like a best friend to our kids, and just maybe they will let us in, if we are like this with our kids trust me we will never no what is going on with them or what is affecting them, or what causes them to misbehaving like that

  4. the beating i'm not against but she should have used something other than a machete like a belt or even a wooden spoon thank god that machete was blunt or else..spare the rod spoil the child but do not abuse

  5. In Jamaica? Really? And the murders not being investigated.

  6. Saw that video, you must have guts to watch that .How can some parents be so wicked? Hope she gets the full punishment of the Law.

  7. This is child abuse plain and simple .

  8. That sumo wrestler need some serious pa kout la until she becomes skin n bones

  9. Ah! To be poor yet obese. There is so much wonder in life's mysteries.

  10. Just wicked. And of course her type had to be n*ked too.
    Savages like these have no business pro-creating.
    It's one thing to discipline your child, and something else to down right abuse them.
    If you love your own flesh and blood, I'm sorry, you don't seek to harm them like this.

  11. SMDH is all these types of beatings which gives people especially the AMERICANS the fuel to say about child abuse. i not saying am against giving your child licks cause some times they need it but we as parents need to know what to use on our children when giving them licks. its true the child upset and put you over the edge but you dont have to resort to beating her with a cutlass, IF you had chop the child by accident then that would be a different story

  12. Don't they have murders to arrest?

  13. That is a crazy beast.

  14. these are the reason these kids end up stealing fighting and gods knows what cause now a days they now get all kinds of justice systems on their side but one gets raped and they of no use to provide resources you can clearly hear the woman is fed up ee las aber bon dieu chew plien so what for her to is not just so you reach your breaking point with them kids. smh leave the bloody woman alone spear the rod spoil the damn child what happen again nuh enough of them spoil
    already no respect what so ever.

  15. Barberella dancers

    She was exposing herself naked to some guys , while they were recording her.

  16. Am one parent that's big on discipline. I believe in spare the rod spoil the child. I saw this video this is not discipline but straight out child abuse. Parents need to be careful how we dicipline our kids,the force and weapons we use.

  17. My my my I am not saying what she is doing was the best thing ..but sometimes those of us that have kids know the trouble they get into and the talking and talking will turn into frustration, sometimes people before we give that mother all the bad words try and follow her footsteps that beating is "I can not take it again beating"frustration these children not nothing easy.

  18. The mother loose it because she saw the video of her daughter exposing her self to some guys , while they recording her with cellphones.

  19. How is this different between this and beating your child with a belt ? Besides the fact that beating with a belt hurts more, and the machete is more dangerous.

    Are we finally ready to put corporal punishment behind us ?

  20. Back to old school I LOVE IT. Children obey your parents. A lot of things happen these days because too many parents are afraid to even raise their voice at their children far less. Clearly she is not one of them GWAN MAMA put down some licks I bet you what ever it was she wont dweet again

  21. Oonu tired of your treatment

  22. My goodness what was that Samoan wrestler thinking?


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