Jamaica: Pastor accused of sexually assaulting 12-y-o held

Jamaica: Pastor accused of sexually assaulting 12-y-o held

(JAMAICA GLEANER) – The Kingston pastor who was being sought by the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) for repeatedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl before impregnating her is now in jail.

Kenneth Blake, 52, pastor of the Harvest Temple Apostolic Church, located on Slipe Pen Road, was arrested and charged yesterday with rape, forcible abduction, grievous sexual assault, sexual touching and sexual intercourse with a person under 16 years old.

The charges were laid after he turned himself in to investigators at CISOCA. Blake was accompanied by his attorney and members of his congregation, law-enforcement sources revealed.

He remains in custody and is scheduled to appear before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on August 22.

The Gleaner first reported last week that the now 14-year-old has given investigators a detailed statement in which she alleged that Blake initially forced himself on to her before he began to reward her after their sexual encounters.

“He would give her money and other gifts so that she would not tell anyone,” one source revealed.

However, according to the source, the alleged sexual relationship came to light in June this year when the 14-year-old discovered that she was pregnant and confessed everything to her mother.

According to law-enforcement sources, the pastor is engaged to the mother of the 14-year-old girl.

One source said the child reported that she would often visit the clergyman’s St Andrew home to look for her older sister, who was sent to live with the pastor “due to the lack of convenience at her mother’s home”.

She reported that during one of those visits in 2015, the pastor sent her older sister “to downtown Kingston” before having “sexual intercourse with her against her will”.

According to her account, the clergyman also supplied her with money and other gifts before their sexual encounters ended in April this year.



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  1. Lack of conveniences so you as a mother want to give your children everything.But i beg to defer with that mother,because one can gain the whole world and still lose their soul....Everything =Anything goes,why as a mother with daughters,a child molesters favourite meal.Little children.I blame you because you wanted to devoid yourself of your children because you wanted to give them convenience.Why your children was not with you they are your problem not someone else's.What ever i eat my children will eat,where ever i sleep they will sleep and live.Now this man has damage these girls they were violated in the worst way.You brought a child molester in your children lives a rapist.I would arrest you,its time parents especially mother's with girls take better care,heed the warnibg signs of a creep,and keep a better relationship with you'll girls an open decent respectful non judgmental free loving with you'll daughter's and sons also because it happens to boys also.


  2. omg as if having sex with the girl isnt bad you got her pregnant which is worst and to add more salt in the wound you engage to the children mother again!!!! omg


    • He probably was raping the older sister too. I could be dirt poor, I will not let my children live at any man that's not their father (not to say some fathers don't molest their own).


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