Jamaica: One-foot dancers demand payment from hotel

Jamaica: One-foot dancers demand payment from hotel

(JAMAICA STAR) – A one-legged dancing duo Stepfather and Son say that months after performing at a north coast hotel, they are yet to be paid.

They said that despite reaching out to the resort on a number of occasions, one member of the group, Fredrick Wallace, said that they are yet to receive the thousands that they charged for the performance.

“We charged dem $30,000 fi do di work; a nuh say a beg wi a beg,” he said.

He said that they have been dancing at the hotel for years, but started to encounter problems with payment.

“Dis a di second time we a work since the new management tek ova … we work fi dem year before last and there was a delay in the payment but we get pay after two months,” he said.

The manager of the duo, Sherilyn Shaw Wallace, told THE STAR that they were booked for the show in the latter part of 2017.

“The oral agreement was that they would be paid in two weeks, which is normal in the hotel industry,” she said. “So after two months when we started checking, we were told that they needed a US account and secondly, they should be paid by a third party … ,”.


However, she said that she told the hotel’s representative that to create a US account wouldn’t work out because it involved too many steps with the bank, and the duo needed US$100 to even open the account.

And since then, they have made numerous calls and sent emails to the hotel and they still haven’t been paid.

“Why? There is no valid explanation, except that the hotel is waiting on a third party to pay them,” she told THE STAR.

THE STAR tried to speak to a representative of the hotel on several occasions but was told that the person who could speak was not in office.


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