Jamaica: Older men land in court for fighting over woman

Jamaica: Older men land in court for fighting over woman

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – High drama unfolded last week in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court when two men, aged 71 and 52, appeared after the younger allegedly attacked the elder, pulling him to the ground and punching him in his face him several times over his woman who has since left him.

Warren Satchell, a 52-year-old plumber of a Red Hills address in St Andrew was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, after he allegedly attacked the complainant in the community.

The court heard that on July 21 Satchell saw the complainant, approached him from behind, pulled him to the ground and punched him several times in his face.

When the men appeared in court on Tuesday, Satchell pleaded guilty to the charge, prompting Parish Judge Maxine Ellis to ask why he had assaulted the complainant.

“Him molest mi partner and mi try fi stop him, and wi end up grab up and him say him get a blow,” he stated.

The judge then asked, “What you call molest?”

Satchell in reply said, “Him just come at mi house and peep inna mi house and mi tell him that nuh right.”

Parish Judge Ellis who clearly did not believe Satchell’s story told him that even if the complainant was peeping in his house, that would not have given him any right to assault the complainant.

She then turned to the complainant and asked him if that was what had happened.

“Nothing like that ma’am,” he answered.

“I was talking to the lady long before this guy, for five years,” the complainant further said, implying that the fight took place over a woman.

He then told the court that on the morning of the incident, he went on the road and saw the woman who, at the time, was still his lover and stopped to talk to her.

While talking to her, he said he saw Satchell coming down the road and he walked past them, and called out to a shopkeeper nearby indicating that he wanted to buy cigarettes.

According to the complainant he was not aware that his female companion had been involved with Satchell and so was not paying him any attention, and the accused crept up behind him and attacked him.

“Him come a collar me up from behind and him give me several lick inna mi face … several,” the complainant said.

“So he is the new kid on the block,” Judge Ellis interjected.

“Yes, he is the new kid on the block,” the complainant agreed.

‘This man come and draw me down backway and start beat mi,” the complainant continued relating.

The judge then told Satchell, “You can’t do that, you have no reason to confront him. If he was looking in your house, he had a reason; he was looking if Jane had moved on.”

“All right,” Satchell replied.

The complainant then told the judge, “Him also threaten mi say next time around a gunshot me a go get.”

The judge then asked the complainant if he was still with the woman who the court was told was 48 year old and he said he had not seen her since he was attacked and beaten.

The judge then asked Satchell if he had seen her and he told the court that they are still going strong.

The judge then enquired from the complainant if he had visited the doctor and if he was seeking compensation.

The complainant, who then indicated that he wanted compensation, said he has seen the doctor twice and is scheduled for a third visit.

As a result, a sentencing date was set for September 7, for the complainant to come with his medical bill.

Satchell’s bail was then extended and he was advised by the judge to walk with a “good amount of money”.


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