Jamaica: Moravian pastor to serve 8 years for sex with minors

Jamaica: Moravian pastor to serve 8 years for sex with minors

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Former Moravian pastor Rupert Clarke, who pleaded guilty late last year to having sex with two sisters under the age of consent, has been sentenced to 16 years in jail.

The sentence is to be served concurrently, which means he will spend eight years in prison.

The court also ruled that Clarke will be formally registered as a sex offender. The ruling came at a St Elizabeth Circuit Court sitting in Black River today.


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  1. if is one thing i will always say and am not saying this to bash Christians and Christianity but i believe as Christians people need to banish the thought of that they will never fall in sin.

    i am not saying that you should live your life how you want but sometimes people do things and others judge and point at them and act like as if one day their time wont come to. look at him a pastor that should known better thats to show you that even if you think you a christian that does not mean you are invincible and stop acting like you perfect and you will never do nothing and i think that these things happen all the time cause God is showing a sign that no one is perfect christian or non christian. sometimes the simplest of things cause us to sin and we never thought we would have gone down this road.

    there was this instance a brother killed a man he shot him in an attempted robbery and he died. the bible says you must not kill and he knows it. do you think that he one day would ever thought he would have killed someone? i dont think so.


    • gw, what are you saying?

      When you are in a position of TRUST an exemplary behaviour is expected of you whatever your religious persuasion. If you are not able to live up to a high moral and professional standard you are not worthy of the job, the recognition and the salary! This applies to everyone: pastor, doctor, teacher, police officer and housemaid. Betrayal of trust and criminality is this man’s downfall – not the lack of protection from a religious shield but rather his wilful exploitation of his religious authority!


      • yes that is what i am saying, you just said it in different words and to point it out even clearer not even those that are in a "position of TRUST an exemplary behaviour" are perfect, if the were perfect they would not have fall into those situations.


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