Jamaica: Man says ghosts gave him baths

Jamaica: Man says ghosts gave him baths
Clinton Hall, a resident of Paul Mount in St Catherine, claims he has had the experience of being bathed by ghosts.
Clinton Hall, a resident of Paul Mount in St Catherine, claims he has had the experience of being bathed by ghosts.

(JAMAICA STAR) — Clinton Hall claims that three ghosts, at different times, showered him in order to ensure that he was not harmed by persons who were seeking to hurt him.

“Mi get bade by three duppy – one a mi niece, one a mi sweetheart, and the other a mi friend weh mi used to work wid. Right now, mi alright, nuh need no more bathing,” he said.

Hall lives in a quaint district called Paul’s Mount, which is located near to the burying ground called Meadowrest Memorial Park in St Catherine. He hardly tells his story out of fear that people will laugh at him or judge him. But he opened up to THE WEEKEND STAR last week and related the bizzare, mind-numbing experiences that he had.

“The first time mi get bade, mi niece and mi sweetheart dweet. Mi remember mi come round a the back a mi house, and mi see dem, and dem tell mi seh dem a guh bade me because people after me,” he said.

Using his hands to mimic the motions, he added: “After dem done bathe me, dem use the leftover water and throw pan mi. Dem never use nuh soap, dem just use fi dem water and throw pan mi, and when dem done, dem seh, ‘Gwan mek mi see weh dem a guh do you now.”

For some time, Hall went his merry way. But he claims to have been visited by the spirit of a friend six years ago.

“Mi deh here, and him just come to me and seh if mi know seh dem send supm after mi. Him tell mi fi tek off mi clothes. Him did have a pot a water a boil, and dem him throw the water inna him pan, and him throw it pan me and wash mi off. When him almost done, him throw some a the water inna me head,” he said.

“When him done, mi a reach fi mi towel fi dry off myself, and him seh, ‘No, put on you clothes pan you wet-up skin mek it dry.’

Hall said that since that day, he has never been troubled or even visited by any spirits again.


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  1. Jermaine, what evidence do you have to show that there is more to our existence as you alluded in your comment. Please share with us.


    • How could duppy know how to bath you and tell you not to dry off I loose do much family and none never tell me what to do to stop magic flies sworn my window and all sought of knocking on my window man you a dream


      • Not everything supernatural is a demon. Not all duppies are bad. If you're a bad person in this life, you'll be the same in the next, and vice versa if you're good. There's more to our existence than what's in the bible.


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