Jamaica: Man living in cave asking for help

Jamaica: Man living in cave asking for help
Caveman Loney (2006 file picture).

(JAMAICA STAR) —  For the last 15 years, Patrick Loney has been living in a cave. The 58-year-old told THE STAR that he took refuge in the rock as he was dreading the effects Hurricane Ivan would have on his one-room zinc shed.

“Mi did build up mi likkle hut and Ivan was the breeze weh did a come. Mi did affi pull down the likkle shed and push them inna the cave because mi a seh mi cyaa mek the breeze blow weh mi likkle zinc dem,” he said.

After the passing of Ivan, Loney decided that he would not leave the cave, as it provided the safe haven he needed.

Loney, who passers-by now refer to as ‘Caveman,’ or ‘Coalie’ says he used the zinc he had from his old shed to help protect him when it rains. He added that he also uses some of the zinc to catch water for his personal use.

Fearful of the yearly hurricane season, Loney says he has made himself comfortable in his one-bedroom rock structure.

“Mi a seh if mi fi build back mi house and hear bout a storm a come mi affi go pull dung back the house and run back into the rock fi secure both me and the zinc dem. When breeze a blow, enuh, if you mek anything blow weh, a nuh fi you again, enuh. Mi also a seh if aneda breeze a come, mi nuh affi pull dung nuh zinc because mi protected by the rock,” he reasoned.

Loney said he is not short of any amenities, as he has a kitchen area and bathroom area close to his cave. For years, he has been living comfortably and no one has given him a hard time except for thieves who come on an occasional basis.

Though he has survived by ‘hustling here and there’, Loney says he now needs help as he has several health issues.

With no children of his own, Loney says he has been relying on ‘bush remedies’ to help him, but that has not been working.

“Mi go country thinking mi can get rid of it with bush remedy but mi see mi foot start swell, so mi come back a Kingston and go a health centre and dem send mi dung a Kingston Public Hospital,” he said.

Loney is suffering from heart complications, lung damage, and kidney failure.

Carol Lawson, a friend of Loney, told THE STAR that the Caveman is desperately in need of help.

“Mi just a hope seh him can get some help, enuh, because him a suffer bad. Him always up mi yard inna the day because him caa do nothing. Mi affi a try hustle some money to see if mi can help him go doctor. Him go hospital sick and dem send him out back and give him a date in March. Him can’t wait so long, him really need treatment,” she said.

Persons wishing to assist Loney can contact Carol Lawson at 876-885-8529.


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