Jamaica: Man faints after HIV prank from girlfriend

Jamaica: Man faints after HIV prank from girlfriend

(JAMAICA STAR) – Oneil Stewart, 34, fainted when his common-law wife, Sashae Gooden, told him that she was HIV-positive, and it’s a high possibility that she had passed the virus to him.

Not knowing that it was a prank to be uploaded on their YouTube channel, ‘King and Shay,’ he grabbed the paper with the fabricated results, and in mere seconds, tumbled to the floor.

Stewart and Gooden make a habit of pranking each other. However, this time it all seems real.

Gooden, totally bewildered, tried to revive him, as she wasn’t expecting that reaction.

“When him drop dung, me did regret it. Me did feel bad. I thought him knockout … Dats why me run go ova him and a try wake him up … That’s why me tell him quick seh it was a prank,” she told THE STAR.

The couple has three children together; a nine-year-old, a six-year-old and one-year-old, and has been living together for more 10 years. They have running their channel for almost two years, and have amassed over 25,000 subscribers.

Stewart, 27, says he was heartbroken when he started crying and uttered the words ‘I am HIV-positive.’

“When she tell me, me feel like me lost … like me gone a one different part of Earth. Me did a seh to me self ‘Oh my God, me gone now!’ Me body did feel a way … me jus feel like me wasn’t me self again. Me did feel blank out … a it cause me fi drop dung,” he told THE STAR.


“Me did a think seh a go she go outa road and go cheat, cause me know seh me neva do nothing. Me a think seh me and the pickney dem have HIV now, so me brain get nervous,” the Hatfield, Westmoreland, native added.

After he was revived, he was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Me start fi feel much better fi know seh it don’t real. I didn’t expect no prank like that … plus she did just come from clinic so it was believable,” he said laughing.

Fortunately, Stewart’s temporary misery was a learning moment for persons who viewed the video online.

“Most people text us on our Instagram and tell us that the prank made them wise up and mek them know themselves because they say they don’t want that to happen to them. It feels heart-warming because we got a lot of messages saying we inspired young couples. It’s an overwhelming feeling,” Gooden said.


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