Jamaica: Man chops off brother’s head after accusing him of molesting goat

Jamaica: Man chops off brother’s head after accusing him of molesting goat
Dale ‘Mash Up’ Hylton was chopped to death by his brother.
Dale ‘Mash Up’ Hylton was chopped to death by his brother who accused him of molesting goats.

(JAMAICA STAR) — A St James man on Thursday (Sept. 19) reportedly chopped his brother to death, nearly severing his head from his body, after accusing him of molesting goats.

An angry crowd of residents and relatives gathered in a section of the Roehampton community, known as Crochas Mountain, in search of 33-year-old Kevin ‘Pus Man’ McLeod.

He fled the community immediately after using a machete to chop his 25-year-old brother Dale Hylton, aka ‘Mash Up’ or ‘Leighton’.

“From morning him a trouble the boy bout him smell a goat, and then him pick up the machete fi chop up the boy,” Gloria King, their mother told THE WEEKEND STAR. “Mi a vendor, so mi sell a market. Mi lef the yard wid mi basket a guinep an a wen mi reach out a road one man seh to mi seh, a wha happen roun a yu yard. Mi hear seh one a yu son chop off the other one head. Mi get weak same time; mi couldn’t even tek the basket affa mi head how mi weak.”

Jamila Hylton stared in disbelief as her brother’s body was being removed from the scene.

“Kevin a accuse Dale seh him a trouble goat, and the two a dem ketch a quarrel. Everybody round yah a talk to Kevin and a tell him fi lef Dale alone because sometime him head kinda go an come,” the weeping sister muttered. “It never have fi reach to this. Dem normally live good wid each other. So none a wi don’t know wha get inna Kevin fi go use machete fi chop off him breda head. ”

Other family members were either too angry or too traumatised to talk.

Reports by the Anchovy police are that shortly after 8:30 a.m., both brothers, who reside in separate houses on a tenement lot, got involved in an argument.

The argument lasted for more than an hour, and it was quelled by a number of family members. Minutes later the argument restarted, and the siblings attacked each other.

McLeod reportedly went for a machete which he used to chop his brother in the neck; Hylton died on the spot. McLeod fled the scene and went into hiding in nearby bushes.

The police were summoned and upon their arrival, the scene was processed and the body removed to the morgue.

“We are presently carrying out investigations to apprehend the accused man,” one officer told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“This Kevin McLeod is no stranger to the law. He is a man that we know quite well, and he presently has a case of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition before the (Western Regional) Gun Court. So we are asking him to turn himself over to the police as soon as possible,” the senior cop said.

Six persons have been murdered in St James over the past seven days, 106 since the start of 2019. This has surpassed the 105 murders recorded in the parish at the end of December 2018.


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