Jamaica: Man allegedly blinds babymother for reporting him to police

Jamaica: Man allegedly blinds babymother for reporting him to police

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A Kingston man who reportedly got upset at his lover for reporting him to the police following a dispute, hitting her in her right eye with a ‘banger’ phone and blinding her, was denied bail when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week.

“Gyal a police you call pon me,” the 32-year-old accused, Allan Williams, reportedly told the complainant before hitting her in her eye, the court heard.

The prosecutor told the court on Thursday, when the matter was mentioned, that on November 19 of last year Williams attacked the complainant at her home, damaged her dresser, and smashed her phone against a wall.

She went to report the matter and, on her return, Williams reportedly used a phone to hit her in the eye.

The complainant, who is no longer in a relationship with the accused, told the court that she was hospitalised for four days and has since lost sight in the damaged eye.

Williams was subsequently charged with malicious destruction of property and assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

But Williams’ attorney, Cristal Brown, told Parish Judge Vaughn Smith that her client was innocent of the charges and did not intentionally hit the complainant in her eye.

Brown, during her bail application, said that her client and the complainant were wrestling for the phone when it caught her in the eye.

She also told the court her client went to the complainant’s home to visit their child when the complainant, who had a male visitor there, became fearful and called the police.

But the prosecutor told the judge that the complainant made a report about her damaged phone and Williams got upset and blinded her.

He also told the court that the complainant was fearful of the accused and his family, whom she said had been making death threats against her on Facebook.

Judge Smith, after listening to both sides, said that he was not minded to grant Williams bail at this time and he was remanded.

Williams is scheduled to return to court on April 16.


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